How to Create a Staycation Oasis in Your Backyard

How to Create a Staycation Oasis in Your Backyard

Do you find it difficult to get away for a vacation? Maybe your schedule is too demanding to stop and plan a thrilling vacation. Perhaps you enjoy being home and would love to stay home more this summer but want to add a flare with a vacation atmosphere. This summer, you could create your own staycation oasis in your very own backyard. Then you and your family can pause to enjoy quality time anytime you want. Here is how to create a staycation oasis in your backyard.

First Things First: Aquatic Activities

Summer days are time well spent submerged in refreshing water. There are various kinds of aquatic entertainment to consider adding to your backyard. A swimming pool is probably the most well-known summertime destination for fun. If you do not already own a pool, HFS Financial helps customers finance their dream oasis with a new swimming pool loan. Now’s the perfect time to get started.

A hot tub is another option for an aquatic activity that also provides a great opportunity for relaxation. Even in the summer, you can enjoy a relaxing massage in a hot tub. A swim spa is a third variety of water entertainment that provides both a pool and spa in one. Enjoy swimming, splashing, and exercising before pausing for some stress relief. Any of these entertainment options will be a popular place to visit at your personal staycation destination. 

Pause for Playing Games

When the water activity wears you out, stop to play some popular outdoor games. Cornhole and horseshoes are great for a little friendly group competition. Croquet and bocce ball are enjoyable games to try as well. If your backyard has ample space, basketball and volleyball will never lose their popularity for leisure time on a staycation.

Keep the Outdoor Kitchen Stocked

An outdoor kitchen is a great addition to your home and staycation oasis. There is always a need for nourishment on a day playing in the water and relaxing in the backyard. Snacks and beverages will keep all the staycation visitors happy. Finishing off the day with a delicious meal on the grill is another great idea. 

Relax and Read 

Every vacation calls for relaxation — and lots of it. A staycation is no different. You can relax on the deck in a comfortable chair, pause for some quiet time in the hot tub, or float on a pool mat to soak up some sun. Just remember to keep a good book handy to enjoy while you’re relaxing. 

Finish the Day Around a Firepit

One more backyard must-have for an unforgettable staycation is a firepit. You can bring the feeling of sitting around a campfire right to your backyard. Roasting hot dogs and smores can only perfect the experience. 

Make Many Memories

When you figure out how to create a staycation oasis in your backyard, you will want to utilize the backyard repeatedly. Countless memories will be made in the process. HFS Financial knows the importance of these dreams. Take 60 seconds to apply today for any home improvement loan, or call 1-800-254-9560 to find out more about your staycation oasis possibilities. “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

How to Create a Staycation Oasis in Your Backyard

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