How to Deal with a Negative Nancy Client

Negative Nancy client stares at phone

Few things can be more disheartening during the merriment of the season than working with someone who chooses to live in the realm of the negative. How can contractor joy be extracted from the stubborn grip of home renovation client pessimism this holiday season? Here’s how to deal with a Negative Nancy client.

Communicate Clearly

Consider for a moment that — perhaps with good reason — clients sometimes lean toward the negative because their past experiences with hired experts have too often involved failure to communicate plans, processes, and schedules in a courteous and timely manner. Therefore, incorporating well-thought-out communication strategies can help bridge the gap from Negative Nancy to enthusiastic repeat customer.

Communicate Frequently

Keep your clients in your corner.  Whether via texts, emails, web communications, or print materials, find ways in which to stay connected with clients.  Seek opportunities to build rapport early, and avoid a potentially disastrous loss of consumer loyalty and production time later.

Communicate Proactively

“In advance” is key! Why unnecessarily risk facing costly miscommunication and disgruntled clients down the road? Take steps early to instill confidence. Show clients that you are indeed the reliable, competent home renovation choice. Let them know that they can rest assured of complete and thorough work from a contractor who highly values their business.

Encourage Client Feedback 

Seize the opportunity to limit future Negative Nancy moments by seeking feedback and listening closely to client comments — both the positive AND the not-so-positive. There are opportunities for growth to be gained from client criticisms. If left unattended, legitimate areas of concern might otherwise remain recurring blind spots — hindering your ability to effectively grow your market presence.  Be willing to actively listen, and be ready to adapt as needed when necessary. Perhaps undesirable patterns in the workflow process can be identified and resolved so that in the future even those Negative Nancy homeowners will want to emphatically refer your expertise to others with gusto! 

Adhere to Budgets and Deadlines 

It’s difficult for clients to complain when projects are affordable and on time. Resolve to honor (as closely as possible) the initial plans and scheduling details with which your client has already agreed. Shine brightly in contrast to competitors who fall short of this mark!

The Bottom Line

Provide convenient avenues of communication, encourage feedback throughout the process, and listen actively to ever strive toward better customer service. These actions can create a positive environment in which to deal with those inevitable, uncontrollable, unpredictable challenges that accompany real-world home renovation contracting work. Even issues surrounding unexpected budgeting and scheduling factors can potentially be mitigated with consistent communication. Previously-established trust can provide clients with confidence that your expertise will triumph over whatever difficult circumstances arise — encouragement indeed for those Negative Nancy experiences.

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How to Deal with a Negative Nancy Client

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