How to Fix Your Frozen Hot Tub

Is your hot tub frozen over? Here are some DIY tips that can help.

Picture this: you’re preparing yourself for a long soak in your hot tub, because the temperatures outside are frigid.  You know that the warm water can allow you to sit outside and enjoy the outdoors without freezing.  As you walk outside to uncover your hot tub, you discover that the water has frozen over.  Of course, this can be disappointing, but it can also lead to panic.  You may not be aware of the damages or problems that freezing can cause.  To know what you can do in this situation, read on.

Step 1: Rid the hot tub of water.

Inside and out, the hot tub needs to be completely dry.  Start off by doing whatever you can to melt the top layer of ice–it’s unlikely your hot tub has frozen completely.  A heat gun can work best in this situation, but be sure to heat the ice slowly so it doesn’t crack the hot tub sides.  A wet/dry vac can get rid of water quickly, as well.  If the pipes are frozen, ensure that you heat them and drain them.

Step 2: Check for damage.

If this is a recent freezing, you can probably salvage some of the parts.  Luckily, freeze damage caught early can usually be fixed easily.  You should be searching for damage on the pipes, pumps, spa packs and other small parts.  Ensure there are no cracks on the sides of the tub.  If the tub has been frozen for a long period of time, it may be beyond repair.

Step 3: Prevent freezing in the future.

Keep your spa operating at a low speed at all times, so the water moves and prevents freezing.  You should never turn your spa off in the winter entirely, or it will freeze over and cause untold damage.  Make a habit of checking your tub every day, ensuring that it isn’t frozen.  Using a good, sealed cover can help trap the water’s heat so that it doesn’t freeze or get slushy.

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How to Fix Your Frozen Hot Tub

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