How to Get More Customer Referrals

customer referrals

In the contractor industry, there is all kinds of competition that you face when it comes to gaining new customers. As a result, contractors are always looking for ways to increase their workload. One important way to grow your business is to have other people refer their friends and family to you. HFS Financial has been in existence for almost 60 years. Experience and excellent service have helped us build a stellar reputation that has spread across the nation. Let us share with you how to get more customer referrals to help you expand your client list. 

Focus on Finesse

First, you want to focus on finesse with all of the jobs that you do. The customer’s satisfaction is your priority. Satisfied customers are your greatest asset for spreading the word about your quality work. Be sure that you use the finest materials to complete the home improvement projects that come your way. Put forth your best effort to create the best finished products that you possibly can. 

Document All the Details

As you finish more and more remodels and renovations, keep excellent records of the masterpieces you design. Customers will be looking at the photo documentations you keep on your website, which means you want to keep it updated with current work. When they see something they love, your calendar will begin filling up.

Communicate with Your Customers

Communicate with your clients often throughout their build so that you know when there are issues you need to address. They want to know when delays are a possibility, and they definitely will enjoy hearing about progress as well. You can also send a personalized thank you to them when you finish their project to remind them that you appreciate their business. 

Survey for Satisfaction

Next, remember to utilize the opinions you value most — those of your satisfied customers. Written surveys are a great way to get feedback about the things you are doing well and the things you can improve. This is also a great way to ask for referrals. Include space for them to give you a few names of family and friends that they know are in the market for their own home improvements.

Ramp Up Your Rapport

Another idea for how to get more customer referrals is to keep up a good rapport with the other contractors in your area. There will be times that other contractors are overwhelmed with work. They may also find themselves needing to step away from work for a few weeks. This means they will need to find other talented contractors to refer to their customers. 

Offer Outstanding Financing

The final way to seal the deal with customer referrals is to offer outstanding financing. Customers that work with HFS Financial truly enjoy the experience that can be cumbersome with other companies. Connecting your company with the best contractor financing for customers is sure to build your business.

An inquiry about any home improvement loan takes only 60 seconds to complete. A quick phone call to 1-800-254-9560 is another way to reach our knowledgeable staff. “You Dream It, We Finance It!” Excellent contractor financing will cause customers to send everyone they know your way.

How to Get More Customer Referrals

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