How To Keep Your Swimming Pool Pest-Free This Summer

swimming pool with lush green landscaping
How To Keep Your Swimming Pool Pest-Free This Summer
Keep your swimming pool pest-free this summer!

Are you a swimming pool owner? If you have had a swimming pool for at least a few years, you can likely appreciate how burdensome insects can be when all you want to do is go outside and go for a swim. Since bugs can wreak havoc in and around your pool, we have compiled a list of tips to help keep yours pest-free this summer season!


Did you know there are all sorts of plants you can plant in your backyard that helps keep away bugs? Examples of such include garlic and rosemary. When you are not using these plants for cooking purposes, they do an incredible job at keeping the insects away. Consider planting one of these plants near your pool to help repel the bugs.  

Better Landscaping

When a landscape is not well kept, it is more prone to attract bugs during the summer months. Be sure to cut the grass on a regular basis and clear away any debris that is on your property.

Install Bird Houses

Birds are beautiful creatures, but did you know they can help your insect problem? Birds love feasting on the insects that like to fly near swimming pools. If you want there to be cardinals, robins, bluebirds in your yard, you should give them a place to live. Install two or three birdhouses on your property to help control your insect population.

Use Traps

One of the best ways to address your insect problem is to install bug traps. They will trap and kill insects that don’t belong anywhere near your swimming pool.

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How To Keep Your Swimming Pool Pest-Free This Summer

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