How to Landscape Around Your Swimming Pool This Spring


What do you think of when you think about spring? Maybe new life that springs up in your backyard? At HFS Financial, we know that spring and growing season go hand in hand. We have all visited beautiful gardens before and admired the stunning landscape. What if we told you that you could have that for your own backyard? With the proper landscaping around your swimming pool this spring, you can enjoy a display like that every day. All you need is the right financing, a fantastic landscaper, and a few ideas to get you started.

Trees Enhance the Landscape

Many pool owners love lush plantings or beautiful trees around their swimming pools. Several evergreen tree species are a popular option for pool owners, and they possess a beautiful, dark green color and grow several feet high. Most importantly, they don’t have leaves that will fall off in the winter. You can choose a variety that drop minimal needles. This helps to prevent the dreaded cleanup process. Try placing them around the fence line or in strategic corners away from the pool itself to cut down on even more cleanup.

Other tree options that grow tall can provide needed shade during the hottest summer months. Ask your local landscaper about the best tree plantings for your pool surround.

Plant Life Enhances the Landscape

Try to coordinate your plants with the design of your swimming pool. You want the colors to match or highlight your pool. Try using similar colors as well as colors that are opposite on the color wheel. This will make specific plants pop and stand out. For example, many pools have a blue hue to the water, so using orange or red-orange foliage or pink or yellow flowering plants will really make a statement. 

Greenery goes with everything, so don’t hesitate to add lots of green plants all around. You can even speak with your local landscaper about what types of plants are best suited to your area. They should have ideas on what will grow and thrive in your yard. 

Furniture Enhances Your Entire Backyard

This may be the year you finally decide to invest in quality pool furniture or simply update your existing pieces. Not only does furniture offer a place to relax, but it also enhances the look of your property. With numerous materials and colors to choose from in today’s market, you are bound to find something that fits your style and personality. 

Consider using your landscape design to create conversation areas all around the yard. You may even choose to have a designated fire pit or outdoor kitchen. All of these options can add to the overall atmosphere of your swimming pool area. Make things feel warm and inviting or streamlined and modern. 

HFS Financial Can Help You Get the Pool of Your Dreams

HFS Financial can help you finance all these things and more. When applying for a swimming pool loan or home improvement loan, be sure to include everything you want to do in that space. 

So, if your yard needs an overhaul this spring, get a loan that covers replacing the fence, hiring a landscaping company, purchasing new outdoor furniture, a fancy grill, or even an outdoor kitchen. It is all possible when you work with our experts to find the loan that will help you cover all the dreams you have for your backyard.

Now is the perfect time to start planning for your new swimming pool and landscaping this year.  Our 60-second rate checker will allow you a peek into your financing options without impacting your credit score. HFS experts are here to help you meet your goals. With HFS Financial on your side, “You Dream It, We Finance It.”


How to Landscape Around Your Swimming Pool This Spring

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