How to Offer Clients a Contractor Loan

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You’re tired of getting to the final stage of a project and having your money run out. Or worse, putting up your own money to keep a job going. You’re considering offering financing as a contractor. Why might you want to? How should you go about it? When should you address it? Who can help you? We’ll answer these questions here with how to offer clients a contractor loan.


There are so many reasons that you would want to offer clients a contractor loan. Two of the most substantial reasons would be guaranteed payment and reliable contractor cash flow. How many times have you begun a project only to have issues with getting paid? When you rely on your client to foot the bill themselves, you have no idea where their funds are coming from. It’s a danger, really, and you just have to trust that they’ll have the money when they say they will and when you need it to get your job done. With contractor loans through a third party, that’s no longer an issue. The money is there from day one, and you’re free to complete your tasks on time without worrying about the funding for the next big step. Plus, you’ll love that it’s free for you, the contractor. It’s a win-win.


As soon as you make contact with a potential client, it’s great to mention that you offer contractor loans. This could set you one step ahead of any competition that doesn’t offer contractor financing. Most clients want to consider all of their options, so it’s best to provide all the information up front. You can even mention on your website and social media pages when you advertise that you offer the best contractor financing for customers. That way, clients will come looking for you to get their next home improvement project done. There’s security in knowing that the financing portion of the job is taken care of by a competent professional — namely, HFS Financial.


The how may be the easiest part for you as a general contractor. You can simply partner with HFS Financial to find your clients the funding they need to hire you. You won’t need to delay jobs to wait for funding, because HFS Financial makes sure you have all you need with a “no stage-funding” model. We care about our contractors and our clients, and it shows in our interactions. 

Partnering could not be any easier. You simply sign up, and a representative will contact you. Once approved, all you have to do is add our 60-second loan application to your website, so your clients can get started with the financing options that they need. Then settle in, and get to the work you do best.   


Who can help you with all this? HFS Financial, of course! Make sure to contact one of our representatives or fill out our dealer application. There’s every reason to start offering the best contractor financing for customers right away, so you can start the next project without any worries about financing or cash flow. With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It.”  

How to Offer Clients a Contractor Loan

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