How to Offer Construction Funding

A calculator, a ruler, glasses, a compass, a key, two pencils, and some cash are sitting on top of a blueprint to help consider the question, "how to offer construction funding?"

It can be difficult to work with clients who struggle to get financing. You can offer construction funding to your clients by partnering with the experts at HFS Financial, but how can you benefit from offering funding? How should you talk to your clients about funding? How should you advertise that you offer financing? Buckle in, and we’ll talk about how to offer construction funding to your clients. 

Funding Benefits 

What would be the benefits for your business if you decide to offer construction funding? There are quite a few, actually. Client leads are often looking specifically for contractors who offer financing, so you’ll be open to another demographic of clients. More clients obviously mean more income for your business. Contractor financing can also benefit your business by maintaining a steady contractor cash flow. You won’t have to wait because of stage funding or lack of funds. You can work straight through from the beginning to the end of your project. Also, you get paid faster. HFS Financial funding is completely up front, so you don’t have to wait to get paid any more.  

Funding Conversation 

Some clients will seek you out because you offer funding, which is one of the best reasons to consider offering contractor financing in the first place. But what about those clients who may not know or may not be interested in construction funding. One of the more interesting aspects of offering construction funding can lie in making sure your clients know you offer it. But there’s no need to complicate it. Add it to your list of information to cover with potential clients in your first meeting and move on. If they’re interested, they’ll make the next move. 

Advertising Construction Funding

If you decide to partner with HFS Financial, advertising your construction funding can be as simple as adding a widget to your website. The widget contains a link that will direct your clients to our experts, and your job is done. You can simply do what you do best and get started on your construction project. There’s a lot about the contracting business that’s complicated, but offering construction financing with the help of HFS Financial is definitely not. 

Partner with HFS Financial 

In order to offer the best contractor financing for customers, you’ll definitely want to partner with HFS Financial. When it comes to the company that offers your clients financing and gets you paid, we do recommend longevity and experience, which is what we have. Overall, HFS Financial is the best choice for contractor construction funding.

So direct your clients to us, and all they’ll need to do is click on our 60-second loan application button to get started one their dream project. We’ll work with them directly to find the best funding options for their needs, we’ll keep you in the loop concerning financing, and you’ll get paid faster and on time. To get more information on your HFS Financial partnership, give us a call at 1-800-254-9560. With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

How to Offer Construction Funding

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