How to Offer Financing for Your Landscaping & Design Business

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Spring is just a few months away and you may already have customers planning their dream landscape designs. However, many customers may not be able to afford their dream landscape upfront. You can help them by learning how to offer financing for your landscaping & design business.

Choose a Financing Option

The first step is choosing how to offer financing for your landscaping & design business. You can either offer financing yourself or work with a third party company to offer financing. Both are good options; however, many people choose to partner with a third party company for several reasons.

  • You don’t have to manage the loans yourself.
  • There is no financial liability on your company if a customer fails to pay.
  • You get paid in full by a third party company instead of waiting for the customer to pay.

Consider your options carefully and choose which option is best for you and your business.

Spread the Word

Once you decide to offer financing, let people know! Post to your social media accounts, update your website, and tell everyone you meet with that you offer financing. Even if a customer is planning to pay upfront, it doesn’t hurt to let them know. Some customers may choose to pay that amount upfront, then finance additional elements that they couldn’t initially afford.

Although you should tell all of your customers about their financing options, it’s especially important to discuss this option with customers who want to complete their landscape design in stages. It’s typically easier and looks better if you complete the entire project at once, and they may choose to do that if a financing option is presented.

The Payment Process

The great thing about financing is that most of your business process is the same; the only thing that changes is the payment step. Once you get to the payment part of the process, have your customer choose whether they want to pay in full or finance. If they choose financing, the process is pretty simple, whether you’re financing yourself or through a third party company.

  1. The customer fills out an application to determine credit and risk.
  2. Either you or the third party company offer a loan based on the customer’s application.
  3. The customer accepts the loan.
  4. Either the customer makes their first payment to you or the third party company pays you in full.

If you choose to offer financing yourself, the process of accepting payments will continue until your customer pays off their loan in full. However, if you choose a third party company, you’re done after step 4. It’s so easy!

Financing Made Easy

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How to Offer Financing for Your Landscaping & Design Business

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