How to Pressure Wash and Stain Your Deck

Here are some steps and instructions for how to pressure wash and stain your deck.

Nothing looks or feels better than the sensation of a clean home, both inside and out. If your spring cleaning has had you dragging out drawers and cleaning out closets, the inside of your home is probably looking ship-shape! But what about outdoors? Here are some steps and instructions for how to pressure wash and stain your deck is a great start. Pressure washing and staining your deck will keep the outside of your home looking nice, too. There are important steps you should follow to make this happen though. 

What You’ll Need to Clean Your Deck

It’s important that you properly clean your deck before moving onto staining or painting it. By cleaning it first, you can be sure that any remaining stain and dirt removal is complete. This will help your new stain to apply correctly and stay on evenly. That’s why it’s important to know how to pressure wash and stain your deck properly. 

To properly clean your deck, first remove all furniture, plants, grill, or anything else that is living on your deck space. Then, cover anything that you don’t want getting wet or damaged. Siding, deck railings, windows, doors and plants are all areas that may need some special protection. 

Next, grab your wood cleaner and apply the detergent to your entire deck, starting at the top and working your way down into all the nooks and crannies. You can do this by hand or with a pump sprayer for quicker work. You may need some elbow grease and a large bristle brush on especially stained or dirty spots. Then, test your power washer in a space that won’t damage your deck to get the proper pressure. Once you have that down, work along your deck in the direction of the grain, making passing motions that overlap in order to get everything sparkling and fresh. After a day or two of dry time, your deck will be ready to accept the new stain.

What You’ll Need to Stain Your Deck

Depending on the condition of your deck, you may or may not be able to apply your stain at this point. If your deck is dated, replace any broken or bowed boards before applying stain. Or, if your deck is just cracking and sun faded, a floor sander may be necessary. Taking the time to give the stain a great foundation for application will help make your deck look good as new. If you need to do a little Mr. Miyagi action and sand the deck, make sure you blow off the dust completely with a leaf blower or air compressor before you apply your stain.

If your deck is newer, and just needs some new stain, you have it pretty easy! Tape off the areas of your home like gutters, siding, doors and frames to make sure that the stain doesn’t go where it does not belong. You can use a large painters brush to cut in the stain around the edges by hand. Then use a paint roller and pole to complete the rest of the deck. If your stain does not contain a sealant, wait at least a day before applying the sealant in the same method. You can also hire a professional to do all of the work for you, so you can enjoy your clean, beautiful deck all summer long.

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How to Pressure Wash and Stain Your Deck

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