How to Revive a Deteriorated Pool

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It’s not uncommon for life to get so busy that a pool can’t properly be cared for. Whether you’ve inherited a pool with a new home purchase, your own pool is showing its age, or there has been damage to your pool that is in need of repair, don’t think that you need to start over. A pool renovation can help revive a deteriorated pool. And all it takes it finding the right pool renovation specialist plus the incredible financing you need to help you pull off the project that will renew your pool as the center of your beautiful backyard.

Step 1: Remove the water.

While it’s not impossible to bring back your pool, it’s pretty hard to clear up the water that’s already in there, especially once it’s fully green. The best way to fix this is to simply drain the pool itself. As the water is going draining out, power wash the sides of a gunite or concrete pool so all of the dirt and grime travel into the water to be removed. Any debris at the bottom can be removed and power washed away and then siphoned out with a pool pump. 

If you have a fiberglass or vinyl-liner pool, you should be able to remove the grime with a manual vacuum and a soft rag with soap and water. If your vinyl liner is torn, just go ahead and remove the whole thing after the water is drained out.

Step 2: Remove broken concrete and tiles or replace the liner.

Do you have places around your concrete or gunite pool that are hazardous? Old, broken tile and concrete should be the first to go. After this, there may be a rim of jagged concrete that should be removed. It might seem like a daunting task but installing new tile or replastering your pool will give the pool a really nice, clean look. This should be an essential step to truly revive a deteriorated pool.

If your pool needs a new vinyl liner, choosing a quality liner will make your pool seem like brand new. You can transform your backyard space with this easy and convenient swap. Ask your local pool builder and renovation specialist about the options that are right for your pool.

Step 3: Install surrounding additions.

Need a new pool deck? Get that done now, before you work on the rest of the pool. Now should be when you start installing lights, waterfalls, or other additions that we have suggested in previous blogs. Keep in mind that you’re trying for sustainability; and that looking for new add-ons is an excellent opportunity to keep up with pool design trends!

Step 4: Furnish and paint.

A pretty coat of new pool paint or plaster (or vinyl — whichever your pool calls for) is going to really bring your pool back to life after sitting for so long. This will surely boost your morale! After the paint is dry, you can add designs to the bottom if you so choose, adding even more liveliness.

Step 5: Refill, treat and finish the process to revive your deteriorated pool.

Now comes the best part! Refill your pool with clean, clear, refreshing water. You may have to wait as you treat the water properly and add the right chemicals, but afterwards your pool will be good as new!

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How to Revive a Deteriorated Pool

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