Incredible Swimming Pool Design Ideas

Swimming Pool

Do you dream of a luxury pool where you can have fun in the sun, a soothing soak on a hot summer day, or host pool parties for family and friends? HFS Financial knows a pristine pool can be a fantastic addition to your home and life. Swimming pools can complement your house with the right design and increase the value of your home. Whether you want to remodel your existing swimming pool or build a new backyard pool, these ideas will make a splash. When a swimming pool incorporates a few design features, they significantly influence nearby backyard spaces. Here are some best swimming pool design ideas to incorporate this year!

Seating and Tanning Ledges Make a Swimming Pool a Wonderful Place to Hang Out and Relax

Incredible Swimming Pool Design Ideas
Loungers placed in a pool provide the perfect spot to relax.

The significance of seating in and around your pool just can’t be overstated. You don’t have to use the usual wicker seats and plastic loungers. Instead, look for something that represents your style better. This includes furniture or more permanent features, like concrete or stone benches. Your seating can create ambiance that enhances the swimming pool itself. This means you should pick very carefully — mainly if you are not the type to want to switch it up regularly.

You should also consider in-pool seating. This new trend for beautiful loungers in a wading area is all the rage. Imagine relaxing with a good book and drink on one of these stunning modern options. You can also add umbrellas to shade the loungers you put in place. If you aren’t a lounger, consider a swim-up bar to up the ante for your pool.

Lighting Adds Elegance to Your Pool Area

Incredible Swimming Pool Design Ideas
Pool lighting can make or break the elegance of your space.

Proper illumination can create a dramatic and appealing atmosphere for your swimming pool. It is also beneficial for an evening swim. It will improve your pool’s safety, too. Some swimming pool design ideas you might want to consider are solar, optic, fiber, LED, floating, and underwater lighting. All these are fantastic choices that will enhance the ambiance of your pool area.

Fire Features Are a Practical Addition to Any Swimming Pool

Incredible Swimming Pool Design Ideas
Fire features are a practical addition to your pool area.

Using fire features, you can create a striking element for fun and conversation. It only takes an energy source, like propane or gas, and a bit of effort to create your centerpiece. Add one near your backyard swimming pool to provide a fascinating warm spot to gather around. It will add some lighting and warmth to your space and make an excellent location for colder nights when it’s too chilly to swim.

Water Features in and Around Your Swimming Pool Make It Serene

Incredible Swimming Pool Design Ideas
Water features and calming and help drown out unwanted noises.

There are many different water features to incorporate into your backyard swimming pool design. These features will transform a pool from standard to spectacular, no matter your choice. Water features like cascades, waterfalls or fountains offer your swimming pool a sense of drama and class. 

Water features also create a calming backdrop with soft sounds coming from them. This can be an excellent way to drown out noisy neighbors or any heavy traffic nearby. Couple it with strategic landscaping, and you can have a peaceful oasis in your backyard.

HFS Financial Helps You Get the Swimming Pool of Your Dreams

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Incredible Swimming Pool Design Ideas

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