Instagram Marketing Made Simple for Landscaping & Design Businesses

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Are you on Instagram? If you’re in the landscaping or design business, we really, really hope your answer is yes. Instagram is an indispensable tool for building interest in your business and showcasing your work to a growing audience. Here are 4 essential guidelines for effective Instagram marketing for your landscaping or design business.

Set Up a Business Profile

Instagram gives you the option to set up your profile as a person, business, or creator. Setting up a business profile gives you the ability to reach a wider audience and create ads without overcomplicating things for you. Make sure you set up your profile to look like a business too. Set your company logo as your profile picture, then write a clear business description for your bio. And don’t forget to include a link to your website or Facebook page!

Showcase Your Biggest Assets

Instagram is all about visual impact. Thankfully, for a landscape or design professional like yourself, visual impact is already built right into your job description! Your work is the biggest asset you bring into your Instagram marketing strategy, so show it off. The quality of your photos is a key consideration here, but don’t feel like you need to hire a professional photographer to make Instagram worth your while. Just make sure you’re using the best camera you have, and then learn how to improve your photos as you go. Want to know the number one rule for taking beautiful photos? Take photos of beautiful things.

Keep it Real with Stories

Instagram Stories allow you to engage with your customers on a different level altogether. Since “Stories” disappear after only a day hours, they are a convenient way for you to share time-sensitive content such as any contests or giveaways. They are also a great way for you to share some behind-the-scenes content that might not fit into your main Instagram feed.

A Note On Hashtags

#Behonest with yourself: do you have a clue what you’re doing with hashtags? Here’s how every business should use hashtags: own one, use a few, and avoid the rest. Pick a rarely-used hashtag (or invent a new one) and use it like a slogan in every single post. Then feel free to sprinkle in a few others that you know relate to your business or to a particular post. And then stop.

Getting started with Instagram marketing for your landscaping or design business is just that simple. And while you’re preparing your posts, don’t forget to mention financing options! With low fixed interest rates on home improvement loans, HFS Financial can help you build your business like never before. Click here to learn more.

Instagram Marketing Made Simple for Landscaping & Design Businesses

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