Is a Poolside Bathroom Worth the Investment?

poolside bathroom

Having your own pool is a fantastic asset for your family. But do you think that adding a poolside bathroom would make it even better? HFS Financial experts know that while it is an investment upfront, having that poolside bathroom is well worth the money spent long term. In fact, it might even save you some money in the future. 

Pros of Adding a Poolside Bathroom

There are so many benefits to adding a poolside bathroom that we cannot possibly list them all here, but we can get your list started for you. Read through our positives, then add to it to make the list fit your needs and lifestyle.

Keeps Your Home Cleaner

One of the biggest benefits we see is that having a designated poolside bathroom will keep your home cleaner. If you have kids, this will resonate with you, especially as we have all vacuumed or mopped only to have dirty children or pets run back inside immediately, undoing all of our hard work. Having the bathroom accessible outdoors will keep the mess outdoors. 

Even if you don’t have children using your pool, it will keep guests from tracking things through your home.

Provides Additional Hosting Space

Having the restroom available outside also creates more hosting space in your home. We have all been to a house party where there just weren’t enough restrooms to go around. Having extras around the pool will create even more space for your guests.

Allows You To Host Without Opening Your Home

In the same entertaining vein, having the restrooms available outdoors will allow you to host without needing to open up your home. On beautiful evenings, you can host a party and never even have people come inside your home if you don’t want. 

Since everything necessary is available outdoors, your guests can stay there as well.

Prevents Damage to Your Home

And since you are keeping guests and kids and the messes from them out of your home, there is less chance that your home will be damaged. 

With children running in and out of the pool, water threatens to damage precious hardwoods or carpeting. And heaven forbid they come in without drying off and throw their wet suits and towels on the floor! Now they can change and use the restroom outside without ever entering your home. You can even design designated changing rooms so that more than one person can use the building at a time.

It could also keep people from using the restroom in your pool! YUCK! This will, in turn, save you some money on chemicals and water care.

Adds Value to Your Home

Finally, our favorite benefit to having a poolside bathroom is that it will add value to your home. Should you decide to someday sell, your poolside building can count toward extra bathrooms you can add to your listing, driving the price of your home up.

Cons of Adding a Poolside Bathroom

So what are the downsides of adding a poolside bathroom? There are really only two that we can think of. One is that you will have some construction at your home, which is, of course, only temporary. The other is that there will be some initial investment upfront, but HFS Financial makes getting funding for that investment so simple.

In just 60 seconds, you can use our rate checker to see if you are conditionally approved for a personal loan. Then our representatives will reach out to help you finalize things. 

Don’t wait another day to make your home the best it can be. Get started on your home improvement loan through HFS Financial today“You Dream It, We Finance It.”


Is a Poolside Bathroom Worth the Investment?

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