Is Financing Solar Panels a Good Idea?

financing solar panels

Going solar is a great way to help the environment and to see long-term savings on energy costs. However, this home upgrade can require a substantial initial investment. You don’t want to drain your savings to install solar panels. Waiting to save up the money is also not a favorable option. This brings us to an important question. Is financing solar panels a good idea?

HFS Financial is here to answer this valid question for you. We have been working with customers to find lending for their home improvement dreams for almost 60 years. Home improvement financing is our specialty. Solar panels are a great way to add value to your home, and here is why financing them is a great idea.

Leasing lends no long-term savings.

Some homeowners decide to lease a solar power system for their home because this seems like an easy, less expensive method for lowering the utility bill. But leasing lends no long-term savings. Leasing means you will be paying a monthly payment to the power company that owns your system for a certain amount of time, with no end or ownership in sight. 

Yet you do not ever get to “keep” the system and thus do not have the benefits of ownership, such as the current tax credit offered to homeowners who purchase solar panels. Leasing a solar system is not ideal for the most part. The only benefit you might enjoy is not having to pay for occasional maintenance, as that would fall on the company who controls your system.

Financing leads to long-term savings.

Once the solar panels are paid for, your long-term savings will make itself apparent. Monthly savings are wonderful as well, and knowing that your investment will be returned and surpassed makes it all worth it. 

Partnering with HFS Financial to have your solar panels installed is a dream come true. Our team works with only home improvement loans, which means we can find you the best loan option available specifically for you. We are known for low interest rates, reasonable terms, and affordable payments. When you apply for funding through HFS Financial, it’s a win-win. 

Going solar lessens pollutants to stain the environment.

One more great reason to go solar is to help the environment. Solar panels use the sun to get clean, pure energy. They do not depend on fossil fuels to run and do not generate waste by emitting harmful gases. Less pollutants in the environment means more fresh air to breathe. Going solar is beneficial to the planet and to the people on it.

Inquiring about a loan is simple.

Is financing solar panels a good idea? Yes! You will be very happy you did. The best part of partnering with HFS Financial is how simple the application process is. You can inquire today about your loan options in just 60 seconds, or you can call us at 1-800-254-9560. Our knowledgeable team will begin working with your information to get you your answers quickly. Don’t wait to go solar! “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

Is Financing Solar Panels a Good Idea?

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