Keeping Your Clients Up-to-Date on their Home Projects

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Working on a home project is an exciting adventure — especially for homeowners. Throughout the contracting process, your clients are going to want updates. They’ll want to know how the project is going, what’s left to do, and maybe even a visual update on the work that is progressing. However, every client is different in how they will want their updates. Here are some keys to keeping your clients up-to-date on their home projects.

Deciding on a Method

The first thing you’ll want to do is discuss how updates will be provided with your client. Do they want weekly updates, monthly updates (for big projects), updates after big parts of the project are completed, or just when something goes wrong? As you’re drafting project plans with your client, decide on this method and work it into your project plans and/or contract. This will keep you accountable, and you will both know what the update expectations are.

What do the periodic methods require?

Each method is going to require a little bit of a different structure. If you’re providing weekly updates, this may just be a quick email you send on a Friday afternoon. However, if you’re working on a bigger project with monthly or milestone updates, your update is going to be larger. This information may be better provided in a Word document or PDF attachment. Regardless of the method, you can create a template so you can easily fill in information for the client. Make sure this template has the following information as the bare minimum:

  • Project name
  • Week/Month/Milestone
  • Elements of the project completed
  • Elements of the project in progress
  • Elements of the project not yet started
  • Budget update (Are you sticking to the budget? How much have you used so far?)
  • Projected timeline update (Are you still on track? Do you need more time?)
  • Summary of any other communications with the client


This is just a basic list to get you started on keeping your clients up-to-date on their home projects. Add or subtract to this list as needed to fit your client’s needs.

What about project delays?

If you have a project delay, whether it’s human error, weather, or something else, be sure to notify your client immediately. While a phone call is often preferable, ask your client for their preferred method of contact, and use that when notifying them. 

When you’re keeping your clients up-to-date on project delays, make sure you’re giving them a whole picture. Always apologize for the inconvenience, and provide them with the solution you’ve come up with. Don’t leave them wondering how you’re going to fix something; tell them before they ask. This helps strengthen trust with the client and will lessen their frustration with the delay.

Make more time for updates.

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Keeping Your Clients Up-to-Date on their Home Projects

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