Kitchen Remodel Trends for 2023

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Do you know the top kitchen remodel trends for 2023? If you are planning to redo yours this year, HFS Financial has all the trends you need listed here. Once you have made your choices, let HFS Financial provide you with some great options for kitchen remodel loans to get your renovation going. You can even check your rates without it affecting your credit score!

Kitchen Remodel Trends for 2023

Kitchen Remodel Trends #1: Darker Colors — Specifically Blues and Greens

One of the kitchen remodel trends for 2023 is that darker colors are in! With lighter colors usually being highlighted around your house, the kitchen is a great place to showcase a beautiful dark blue or green to really add some uniqueness and depth to the design. Especially if you want some lighter accent colors, a dark blue or green will really let those other colors pop while being a great companion to them.


Kitchen Remodel Trends for 2023

Kitchen Remodel Trends #2: Backless Cooktop

Another of the top kitchen remodel trends for 2023 is a backless, or flat, cooktop. Gone are the days with stoves that have the knobs on the back. Stylish kitchens now have just a flat cook surface so that the modern backsplash you had installed (more on that in a minute) can really shine through. Sometimes, you will even find the cooktop and oven separate instead of a combined unit. The backless cooktop is here to stay, whether gas, convection, or electric burners.

Kitchen Remodel Trends #3: Butler’s Pantry

One of the most exciting kitchen remodel trends for 2023 is the butler’s pantry. Who wouldn’t love an extra room off your kitchen to store food, snacks, appliances, or anything else you may need in your kitchen from time to time? This is the joy of having a butler’s pantry. It is like having a walk-in closet for your kitchen. It is definitely a must-have addition and something anyone should consider if they are remodeling their kitchen.

Kitchen Remodel Trends #4: Large Islands

While islands are not a new trend, moving into 2023, large islands are a big-time kitchen remodel trend. Large kitchen islands give you a great place to entertain or have quality family time while also continuing to prepare food or beverages for everyone. It also provides you with extra storage space or room for an additional sink or cooktop. 

Kitchen Remodel Trends #5: Continuous Backsplash

The slab backsplash is one of the most fantastic kitchen remodel trends for 2023. This is where your backsplash is made from one continuous piece of material. Whether stone or concrete, you will have one beautiful, solid piece to accent your kitchen. No more lines or grout or differing edges. This is an amazing trend you must have for your kitchen.

Kitchen Remodel Trends #6: Butcher Block Counter Tops

A handy kitchen remodel trend is the butcher block countertops. While highlighting a very minimalist design, these countertops are gorgeous and will be the envy of your friends. 

Kitchen Remodel Trends for 2023

Kitchen Remodel Trends #6: Stained Cabinets Instead of White

Gone are the days of white cabinetry. Stained cabinets are coming back with a force! This is excellent news, because they tend to hold out better than painted ones. Going with a classic stain like walnut or alder will provide longevity to your style choices and allow them to blend seamlessly with other stylistic choices you make throughout your home.

Whatever decisions you decide to make in your kitchen remodel this year, let HFS Financial help you finance it. With large loans available, the sky is the limit. In just 60 seconds, you can have our rate checker provide you with available options with no impact on your credit score. Don’t wait to start updating your kitchen! With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It!”


Kitchen Remodel Trends for 2023

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