How to Make Your Above-Ground Pool More Energy Efficient

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Have you ever wondered if you could make your above-ground pool more energy efficient? They are not in the ground like other pools and, therefore, can be a little less naturally insulated by surrounding soil. The materials needed to create these pools are naturally less insulated than an inground pool as well.

Don’t worry. HFS Financial is here to tell you that you can make your above-ground pool more energy efficient. Make sure you are following these tips to enjoy your pool this summer while watching your wallet and caring for our environment. 

Make Your Above-Ground Pool More Energy Efficient with These Easy Tips

Set the Thermostat to 78

Seventy-eight degrees is the ideal temperature for the pool’s thermostat and serves as a good balance between warmth and energy efficiency.  In certain areas of the country, this will also keep your heater from running much at all. If the weather is already near that temperature, you will essentially use your heater only when temperatures cool at night. This saves tons of energy (and money).

Maintain Water Chemistry

While the idea of maintaining water chemistry is not exactly a fun aspect of pool ownership, there are major benefits to doing a good job with it. Not only does it provide a safer environment for your bathers to enjoy, but the better you are at maintaining the water chemistry in the pool, the less demand there will be on the filters and pump to work to keep it clean.

Keep Equipment in Good Condition

Proper maintenance of the pump, filter, and heater is also essential. Keeping this equipment in good condition will make it run better, use less energy, and last longer. 

It is also to your benefit to not buy the cheapest models available. Make sure you do a little research on the energy efficiency of the parts you are purchasing. This can make a huge difference in how things run and how long the parts last. 

Use a Pool Cover or Thermal Blanket

Up to 70% of the heat loss in your pool comes from evaporation. To prevent this, use a thermal blanket or pool cover. These covers significantly reduce evaporation and keep more heat in your pool where you want it.

Wind Breaks

Adding a windbreak minimizes wind at the pool’s surface, reducing energy consumption and making swimmers more comfortable. Think about adding in hedges at the right height or a fence if you need privacy too. Keep the wind from blowing heat away from your pool while adding a safety feature.

Build a Deck

Take the opportunity to insulate your pool further from the elements by building a custom deck around your above-ground pool. Not only will this addition make your above-ground pool more energy efficient, but it will make it more accessible. 

Steps to an above-ground pool can be tricky if you have mobility limitations. Having a deck to make the top of the pool level with the entrance and exit can allow more people to use them. 

It will also provide a space to add patio furniture and a grill. This will help you to create the ultimate entertaining space.

Buy an Energy-Efficient Above-Ground Pool

There’s plenty of emphasis on energy-efficient pumps and filters, but only some pool manufacturers focus on energy-efficient pools. These unique pools are designed with energy efficiency in mind. These pools use insulation in the walls to reduce heat loss at night and save significant energy.

Build a New Pool with Help from HFS Financial

HFS Financial can help you get the personal loan you need to build the ultimate relaxation space in your backyard. Make sure to include costs for not only the above-ground pool but also the heater, pump, deck, fence, landscaping, and patio furniture you need to make the pool area complete. 

Using our 60-second inquiry tool, you can be on your way to having your dream backyard. Get started today. Our customer care team will follow up with you when you’re ready. “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

How to Make Your Above-Ground Pool More Energy Efficient

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