Should You Market Your Contractor Business if You’ve Already Got a Waitlist?

Should You Market Your Contractor Business if You've Already Got a Waitlist?

Back in the early days of your contracting business, you dreamt of client after client calling or walking through your door. But now that you’re established, your list of clients continues to grow. In fact, it’s reached the point that you have to put them on a waitlist. It’s a great but sometimes terrible problem to have! However, it can lead you to question your need to continue marketing. If you attract new clients, they’ll just be added to your waitlist, right? Follow these guidelines on why you should market your contractor business if you’ve already got a waitlist. 

Review the Facts

First of all, figure out why you have a waitlist in the first place. 

  • You’re close to being at full capacity, but aren’t actually there yet. You feel like you’re struggling to keep your head above water, but in reality you may need to streamline your processes. With greater efficiency, you could potentially be able to take on those new clients.
  • Could it be time to expand your business? If each of your team members is working overtime, you’re outsourcing, and your processes are a well-oiled machine, it’s time to consider expanding. 

Develop a Plan

Your marketing strategy is obviously working if you have more work than you can handle at one time. Results like these can tempt a contractor to cut back on marketing efforts during a business boom. 

But that’s the opposite of what you should do! This is the time to consider the future of your business and prepare for growth. While you tackle the projects currently on your list, you can spend time working on staying connected with those on your waitlist as well as your current client base. 

How to Market With a Waitlist

When potential clients visit your website, it’s important that there’s a way for them to engage with your company. First, add a clear call to action for them to join your waitlist. A simple button or pop up that says “Join Our Waitlist” is an easy addition to your website. 

You can capture a separate email contact list that you can use to communicate with future clients. Once they sign up, you can send targeted emails that answer the questions a potential client would like to know more about. Here are a few ideas to get you started. 

  • What are some of the top projects or remodels you’ve completed? Create a series of emails that include your greatest hits, and be sure to include a few quality pictures. 
  • What can I expect the project experience to be like? Do you have a ton of rave reviews on your website? Turn them into a marketing tool! Send emails to potential clients that showcases the type of quality service a customer can expect when working with your business. 
  • Promote other services that you offer. You may not be able to start their living room renovation just yet, but you can provide snow removal services during winter months or an inspection on their new swimming pool during the summer. 


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Should You Market Your Contractor Business if You’ve Already Got a Waitlist?

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