Must-Do Home Improvement Projects When Converting Your Home to an Airbnb

Couple discussing home improvement projects in kitchen

The popularity of Airbnb rentals is rising everywhere. People who are traveling love the comfort and convenience of having a furnished home available to use for their accommodations. Maybe you are making plans to convert your home or part of your home into an Airbnb to share with the world. HFS Financial is here to help you find the funding for your project when you finalize your plans. Don’t forget these must-do home improvement projects when converting your home to an Airbnb. 

Kick Off with the Kitchen

One of the first rooms to kick off with for your remodeling project is definitely the kitchen. A big factor that attracts people to an Airbnb rather than a hotel is the fact that guests have access to a full kitchen. You want to keep the kitchen current to make your Airbnb an unforgettable one. 

Countertops and cabinets can show their age after a while. Perhaps you can get updated countertops and just paint the cabinets. A fresh coat of paint with new hardware can make a big difference. 

You can also consider updating the flooring in the kitchen. There are many beautiful options available. Because the kitchen is an area that gets a lot of traffic, a floor that is durable and easy to clean is ideal. 

Consider a Cozy Coffee Corner

Next, you might want to consider having a cozy corner dedicated specifically to coffee. Countless people start their day with at least one cup of coffee. Be sure to squeeze a cute coffee area into your improvement plans. 

Those who travel regularly run on coffee and Wi-Fi. By including an area in your Airbnb designated for coffee, you will immediately make your guests feel at home. Ensuring that you also provide Wi-Fi capabilities is also a must!

Strategize for Sufficient Storage Space

Another of the must-do home improvement projects when converting your home to an Airbnb is to strategize for sufficient storage space. Traveling and luggage are connected. Guests will have suitcases and bags of all shapes and sizes that will need a place to go when they visit. 

In order to make more storage space, you can start with your closets. Be sure that there is plenty of hanging space available. Shelves are a great idea to include in your remodeling plans for extra storage space too. 

Another place that can be utilized for storage is a mud room. This space is perfect for shoes, coats, backpacks, and anything else that guests want to keep out of their way. 

Beautify the Bathroom

Finally, be sure to beautify the bathroom as you prepare to open your Airbnb. You don’t want an outdated bathroom that turns guests away when they are searching for the perfect place to stay. The plumbing is a priority for sure. If all is well with the pipes, then concentrate on updating the countertops and floor next.  

Your home improvement projects are controlled by you. Planning and budgeting are just the beginning of the fun. HFS Financial provides the best home improvement financing for your projects. In fact, it only takes 60 seconds to apply for any home improvement loan through HFS Financial. Our loan consultants can also be reached at 1-800-254-9560. Let us help you find the loan that works best for you and your home improvement needs. “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

Must-Do Home Improvement Projects When Converting Your Home to an Airbnb

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