Planning a Kitchen Remodel for Easy Cleaning

Woman planning a kitchen remodel

Splashing, spilling, mixing, frying — the kitchen is easily the hardest room in your home to keep clean. Not only do you use your kitchen daily, it’s also an open area that’s always on display to guests. Now that you’ve decided to renovate the heart of your home, it’s wise to plan a kitchen remodel for easy cleaning that fits into your hectic schedule. Let’s break down some helpful tips to incorporate into your design to create a true culinary masterpiece!

Lights, Cooking, Action!

Your stovetop is undoubtedly where most of your cooking magic happens. This means that grease buildup is a regular occurrence. As you lay out your vision for your kitchen, consider removing any lights that currently reside above your stove. Try integrating them into your exhaust hood instead, or opt for stylish light fixtures installed several feet away from your actual stove top. 

The Ceiling’s the Limit

Do your current cabinets stop a few feet from the ceiling? You might consider having them reach all the way to the ceiling instead. This eliminates the need for dusting the top of your cabinets, which get quite dirty, and also provides more storage space. Another option is to skip the upper cabinets altogether. If your kitchen has a lower storage setup and a pantry, you may enjoy the free, open space and less surfaces to wipe down. 

Hook, Line, and Kitchen Sink

An undermount sink is a perfect addition to a kitchen remodel made for easy cleaning. It allows you to sweep crumbs or spills directly into the sink, without the grimy buildup on an edge trim. And while we’re talking about sinks and messes, adding a garbage can as close to the sink as possible makes for lightning-speed dish duty. You can install a garbage can in a pull-out cabinet system so that it tucks away neatly under the counter.  

To Grout or Not to Grout

If your main goal for your dream kitchen is to cut down on cleaning time, choosing a backsplash with no grout is the way to go. You can still create a stunning backsplash with marble, quartz, or granite that only requires a quick wipe with a sponge. However, if your heart is set on tile, simply ask your contractor to use thinner grout lines and large pieces of tile to make cleaning it a bit faster. Thinner grout lines can be more expensive, but they make it easier to keep your backsplash sparkling clean.

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Planning a Kitchen Remodel for Easy Cleaning

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