Pool Finishes: A Guide to Finishing Your Pool

pool finishes

Have you started shopping for an inground swimming pool and suddenly realized the number of customizations you can make, including what type of pool finishes you want? HFS Financial knows these types of things can make or break your pool space, so we want to help!

The pool finishes you choose serve the functional purpose of creating a surface safe for swimmers to walk on. They also provide a visual/aesthetic appeal to the pool. The finish can do a lot for the overall look of your pool, so it’s essential to research all your options. 

With so many pool finishes to choose from, you are sure to find something perfect for you. Explore these options and make sure to include the cost of these items in your swimming pool loan with help from us.

Pool Finishes

Tiled mosaics are a beautiful addition to your swimming pool.


Tile pool finishes are a prevalent option because it’s both low-maintenance and durable. Tiling a pool can be on the more expensive end of pool finishes, but you know they will last for years when cared for properly. Gorgeous tile is also an excellent choice for pool finishes because they do not stain as more porous surfaces can. It is why you will see many concrete pools lined with tiles around the water line.

Tile also comes in lots of color and pattern options, and many homeowners like to use these patterns and colors to create lovely mosaics on their pool’s floor and walls. You can even create a more specific mood by using various colors in the pool water.

Add a fun color to your pool finish to change up the whole feel of your space.


A liner is the only pool finish available if you have a vinyl pool. Pool liners come in lots of different colors and designs too. So, you can still have fun and create a unique space by choosing a special liner when you choose a fun pattern or mosaic boarder.

Vinyl liners are generally strong but can be punctured if enough force is applied. They will last for years with proper maintenance (which is easy for a vinyl liner). These are also a more affordable option than some of the other pool finishes, which is why they are so popular.

Plaster is a traditional option.


Plaster is probably the pool finish you’re most familiar with. Most concrete pools are finished with plaster, which is a mix of cement, marble aggregate, and water. White is the standard color, but many tinted plasters are available to give your pool a colorful, unique look. 

Plaster, while an excellent choice from the pool finishes, is more porous, which means you could have staining. Things should be manageable if you take care of debris and keep your plaster clean. These pool finishes also can last longer than vinyl liners. 


Aggregate finishes use a mix of various kinds of stones to create a unique, shiny finish that has a lot of desirable characteristics. The rocks are smooth, making them shiny, so they reflect light, creating a nice visual effect. Aggregate pool finishes are also available in many sizes and colors. They have become very popular recently due to their low-maintenance needs and durability.

Stunning aggregate finishes can last anywhere from 10-15 years. While they’re more expensive than plaster, many homeowners find aggregate pool finishes well worth the investment.

Fiberglass pools are a durable and more cost effective pool finish option.


Fiberglass pool finishes are rising rapidly in popularity. They are low maintenance, cost effective, and easy to install. Your fiberglass pool arrives as a predetermined shell, so this can limit size and shapes. However, these pools make up for this in their durability and ease of installation. Since it comes pre-formed, you just have to place your pool and hook things up.

Build a New Pool with Your Favorite Pool Finishes This Year

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Pool Finishes: A Guide to Finishing Your Pool

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