Pool Maintenance: Getting Your Pool Ready for Winter Pt. 2

Closing your pool this winter

If you’ve followed our pool maintenance guide from last week, here is the much-anticipated sequel! Pool maintenance is critical now to help your pool be well prepared for the winter. Doing a little pool maintenance now will help you get your pool open earlier and help you avoid problems that might otherwise arise.

It’s important to properly winterize your pool before the cold weather sets in.

Pool Maintenance: Getting Your Pool Ready for Winter Pt. 2

Pool Maintenance for the Winter: Clean the Pool

Your first steps in cleaning your pool for the winter is remove everything inside your pool that is not water. You will need to remove baskets, hoses, ladders, filters, pumps, heaters and anything else that may be in or floating around your pool. Sometimes these items can freeze to the pool and end up doing damage to the lining or end up destroyed and unusable for next season. Make sure that you take the time to make sure everything is out of your pool and that you have proper storage for everything that you pull out. This may take a little planning, but it’s one of the most important steps in pool cleaning and pool maintenance.

Pool Maintenance for the Winter: Skim the Pool

After you remove everything out of your pool that isn’t water, you will want to skim everything off of the top of your water. This is the last time that you are going to get to skim your pool before the start of winter, so make sure that you do a very thorough job. Remove all the leaves, debris and insects that have fallen into your pool. Anything that you leave behind will be waiting for you in the spring.

Pool Maintenance for the Winter: Vacuum and Brush the Pool

Obviously, the skimmer won’t be able to get everything out of your pool, especially debris that has fallen to the bottom or is stuck to the sides. Use a vacuum and a pool brush as part of your final pool maintenance before you shutdown your pool. You will want to shut down your pool the same day you clean it, so be prepared for a long day of hard work. After you’ve finished, you can feel confident that your pool maintenance before the start of winter should help keep your pool safe and ready to be opened when spring rolls around.

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Pool Maintenance: Getting Your Pool Ready for Winter Pt. 2

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