Pool Safety Covers 101

Pool Cover
Pool Cover
Maintaining your pool cover is an essential part of pool ownership.

Spring is here and pool season is almost upon us! With that in mind, it’s time to start thinking about what upgrades your pool may need, especially when it comes to pool safety. Keeping your pool safe and secure is essential for a wide variety of reasons including legal ones. Having a safety cover is a great way to prevent injury, but only if it is in good condition and well maintained. Safety covers have a reasonably long lifespan, but they do age. Today we want to share some helpful tips to help keep your pool cover safe and in excellent condition.

What To Look For

Knowing the signs of a safety covers wear and tear can save you from serious heartache. Overtime pool covers can be prone to the effects of wear and tear. Exposure to the elements, stress from being walked on, UV light degradation, and even the weather can all cause damage that builds up over time. Not only is this dangerous to anyone who might accidentally walk over the failing cover, but for your pool as well. Keep an eye out for fraying or tearing straps, spots that are wearing thin, and even very small holes. As you pull out your safety cover, look for all of these signs as well as insect or rodent damage, brittleness, and dry rot.  

Extend Your Covers Life

When appropriately treated safety covers can last ten to twelve years. Care for a safety cover is relatively simple and mainly requires that you keep it in a secure, clean, and dry location when not in use. Cover cleaners that prevent the growth of mold and mildew are a great option as mold can eat its way through your cover and cause it to become brittle. When your cover is on your pool, try to keep debris and people off of it as much as possible. While they are made to withstand being walked on, it should not be a regular occurrence.

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Pool Safety Covers 101

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