Protect Your Home By Adding These 3 Things To Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring Cleaning Your Kitchen and Home

After a long winter, add a refreshing touch to your home by giving it a deep clean. Spring cleaning can leave your home feeling new and ready for the rest of the year. Here’s how to protect your home by adding three things to your spring cleaning checklist.

Spring Cleaning Done Effectively

To help you get your spring cleaning done quickly and effectively this year, it’s as easy as following a checklist. Doing so will help to make your home feel clean and unburdened, giving you that relaxing feeling that you are looking for.

A checklist will guide you through some of the most important areas that need to be cleaned in each room. Follow your checklist to make sure your home is cleaned thoroughly. Write down cleaning jobs for each area of your house: bedrooms, bathrooms, living room, dining room, closets, drawers, kitchen, pantry, garage and attic. Add other rooms as needed. Then get to work on each project until your checklist is complete!

The top 3 things that can protect your home.

Did you know that there are things that you can do to actually protect your home for the rest of the year? These three things are simple fixes that don’t take a lot of time, but will have a major effect on your home. Protect your health as well as your home, while also making it look and feel brand new.

First, replace the air filter.

When was the last time that you changed your home’s air filter? Changing your air filter is quick and inexpensive. All you need is a new filter that can be purchased at any home improvement store. New air filters help protect the air in your home against contaminants.

Next, repair holes and dents.

It’s just natural that over time you will start to notice more and more holes, bumps, dings, and dents in your walls. These can make your house look outdated and damaged. 

To protect against this, repair these holes and dents during your spring cleaning. Once repaired and sanded, you can simply prime and paint over the repair to make it look brand new.

Finally, disinfect your surfaces.

When you are cleaning your counters and backsplashes during spring cleaning, are you also disinfecting these surfaces? By disinfecting your home, you can eliminate harmful germs and bacteria. Disinfecting sprays and wipes help clean and disinfect your home, leaving it pristine and welcoming.

Bonus Tip: Use essential oils while cleaning.

If you are wanting your home to feel and smell fresh and clean, use your favorite essential oils when cleaning. Essential oils have different health benefits, as well as a great fragrance. Use them in a homemade cleaner when wiping down counters and mopping the floors. You can also try diffusing them into the air.

Get Everything Done You Need For Your Home

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Protect Your Home By Adding These 3 Things To Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

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