Questions From Homeowners Every Contractor Should Expect (and Answer!)

Contractor working on homeowners wall

Looking for ways to swim circles around a sea of competition? Don’t let the sun set prematurely on your next big home renovation contracting opportunity. Be ready for these challenging questions from homeowners searching for competent, reliable, professional home improvement service. Here are a few questions from homeowners that every contractor should expect (and answer!).

“Will you meet the expectation on time and on budget?”

Of course clients desire and expect quality work in a timely and affordable manner. Certainly, professional contractors such as you understand this. But you also understand that the reality of unexpected market forces, personnel shortages, nature’s might, and any number of other unpredictable occurrences can shipwreck both the expense column and the calendar. So, how can one find balance on these teetering waves? Explain ways in which you have managed to mitigate uncontrollable and frustrating issues in real-world scenarios so that clients can have peace of mind knowing you can overcome timeline and budgeting difficulties.

“Can we count on you to deliver on your promises?”

All too often people experience promises undelivered. Investments in home improvements of any size can be a stressful undertaking. Homeowners want to be assured that when they hire you, you can deliver. Will you make their home renovation dreams come true? Go beyond mere words. Respond promptly to questions from potential new clients. Arrive early for on-site evaluations. Be a beacon of dependability in the dark night of unease and doubt.

“May we see your references?”

Hoist the sails of praise from satisfied clients proudly! Seek out and promote the accolades of former customers with whom your work is considered ship shape and provide references for new clients who ask for them. Also provide specific evidence of your ability to not only meet but exceed client expectations. Have examples at the ready highlighting varied budgets, varied styles, and varied purposes. Have you recently completed an amazing kitchen renovation, installed an awe-inspiring swimming pool, or created some landscaping masterpieces? Then make these accomplishments known. Photos of previous projects along with testimonials singing your praises may just be the catalysts your future clients need in order to embark on a home improvement voyage with you.

“What sets you apart from your competitors?”

In an ocean of choices, this is your chance to make a splash!

  • Do you have extensive areas of expertise? Display them.
  • Do you pride yourself on quality materials? List them.
  • Are your team members unmatched in skill and professionalism? Showcase them.


In other words, examine every home improvement avenue in which you excel, and make your clients’ choice of contractor as easy as a leisurely sail on a sunny afternoon!

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Questions From Homeowners Every Contractor Should Expect (and Answer!)

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