Should General Contractors use Pinterest for Marketing?

Cell phone displaying pinterest for marketing

When you think of social media marketing, you often think of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and maybe LinkedIn. But what about Pinterest? The somewhat forgotten social media platform, Pinterest is a great option for marketing, especially for general contractors. When general contractors use Pinterest for marketing, you get to show off photos of your exceptional work and get new leads. Ready to get started? We can help. 

How do you use Pinterest for marketing? 

Pinterest is just pictures, right? So it can’t really be used for marketing… Actually, Pinterest is so much more than just pictures. Users visit Pinterest to get ideas for everything from recipes to home remodels. This is where you come in. As a general contractor, photos are the best way to show off your work. You upload these photos to Pinterest and users can save them and like them. When they do this, your work is shown to even more people. While some people may just use your photos for their own inspiration, others could use them to find the right contractor for them. (Hint: It’s you!)

What about SEO?

If you’re familiar with marketing, you’re probably familiar with search engine optimization (SEO). Since Pinterest is just pictures, does that mean you can’t use keywords for SEO? Not at all. Pinterest gives you plenty of opportunities to incorporate SEO into your account. 

First, you can use keywords in your profile. These keywords will not only help with SEO, but will also let users know what your business does — sending potential leads your way. In addition, Pinterest gives you opportunities to incorporate keywords into the names of your boards and the captions of your photos. This versatility helps you show off your work while also increasing your SEO. 

What are the best Pinterest strategies?

Now that you know why general contractors use Pinterest for marketing, it’s time to put your plan into action with the best Pinterest strategies.

  1. Build a “Business” profile and use your company’s logo as the profile picture. This will show users exactly who you are.
  2. Create boards using your SEO keywords. These boards will organize your pins by category, such as “Home Remodel” or “Living Room Aesthetic.” 
  3. Create pins using photos of your work, and add them to your boards. This will help people find your pins. Don’t be afraid to link back to relevant pages on your website!
  4. Follow related businesses on Pinterest. This will only affect posts you see on your timeline and lets you see how other general contractors use Pinterest for marketing.


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Should General Contractors use Pinterest for Marketing?

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