Should pool builders consider selling other products?

other products

Depending on what area of the country you are in, pool building is often seasonal. Even if you’re in a climate that allows for year-round building, there aren’t usually many people who are even thinking about buying pools in November, December, January, and February. Additionally, the pool business is highly dependent on a strong economy. No jobs + no money = no pools. That’s why you need a few other products up your sleeve to help off-set the off season.

Swimming pools are a high-ticket item. Pool builders make their money in large chunks, but those chunks come in irregularly. Adding other products is a great way to extend your earning season into the rest of the year. It’s a way to also pad your business in hard economic times, allowing you to bring in some regular “trinkle” income between big pool sales. Here’s how pool builders incorporate new product lines for all these reasons.

Hot Tubs & Swim Spas

Hot tub and swim spa buyers are an entirely different demographic than swimming pool buyers, allowing you to bring in a whole new market of customers. While most of your swimming pool customers are families, hot tub and swim spa products bring in singles and retirees. These buyers tend to be financially stable and willing to pay more for quality products and cutting-edge features.

High-End Outdoor Furniture

More pool builders are offering a “holistic backyard experience” and not just “a pool”. The modern concept of online shopping and big box stores has spoiled customers, who now demand all-in-one shopping experiences. Some buyers invest hundreds to thousands of dollars in lounge chairs, dining sets, umbrellas, and more to compliment their swimming pools. Shouldn’t you be keeping this business instead of sending them to the nearest home improvement warehouse? The new “buy local” motto makes for strong advertising in this arena.

Outdoor Kitchens

When people think about a “day at the pool,” a barbecue grill is almost always in the background. A pool party — or even an afternoon of family fun — just isn’t complete without some home-grilled burgers, dawgs, or a few chicken wings. When offering other products, definitely offer high-end smoker-grills along with your pools and patio furniture.

Fireplaces & Firepits

Fire and water are such visually stark contrasts. Fire bowls are one of the top pool ad-ons these days, and outdoor fireplaces and firepits extend the poolside fun by hours each day and potentially weeks each year. Even on evenings too cool for a swim, families can congregate and entertain guests around a firepit or fireplace! This is an especially attractive offering in the northern climates, where long, harsh winters make pool seasons short.

Landscaping & Hardscaping

Back to our one-stop-shop concept, customers like the idea of working with one contractor for everything — from fencing to landscaping and the pool. Most of your employees or subcontractors who are skilled in coping and concrete work are easily capable of hardscaping and landscaping. This can add thousands to the total profits of any given pool-build job.

Why Financing is Important to Offer

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Should pool builders consider selling other products?

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