Simple (and Cheap) Marketing Tips for the Off Season

simple and cheap marketing tips

You own your own contracting company, and the off season has officially arrived. Although you may breathe a quick sigh of relief, you then come back to reality. You still need to keep your business steadily running during this time of year too. It’s time to start searching for simple (and cheap) marketing tips for the off season. 

HFS Financial has helped countless contractors face this annual season of downtime. In fact, it’s the perfect time to do some extra marketing. With years of experience in the home improvement loan industry, we understand the importance of meaningful marketing. Let us help you with some ways to ramp up your efforts without having to dip heavily into your bank account.

Begin with Broadcasting Your Brand

First, you want to broadcast your brand as much as you can. Take a few days to put out some attractive, affordable flyers in neighborhoods. Be sure to canvas areas where you have already established customers as well as new areas too. 

Everyone knows they can find helpful information at their favorite local hardware store. The off season is also a great time to visit local businesses like this to build a rapport with them and then advertise your company at their establishment. This is another way to have your contact information easily accessible when homeowners are searching for a contractor to work at their home. 

Reach Out for Referrals

Next, reach out to your list of satisfied customers for referrals. This is a very strong form of marketing your business, and it costs very little. Simply email or send out a little postcard asking for one or two referrals from each client. Your excellent work will speak for itself when you have people who have hired you affirming the superior services you provide and giving you names to contact to help with their dream projects.  

You can also make use of referrals year round. When you complete beautiful masterpieces, your customers have their great experience fresh on their mind. Get some referrals from them immediately so that you can build a list of potential clients to communicate with regularly. They might also just happen to mention your company in regular conversation that can result in more job opportunities for you.

Work on Your Website

Finally, make use of your slow days to work on your website. When you get swamped with home improvement projects during the busy season, your company’s website can often be overlooked. Many homeowners go directly to your website first. It needs to be current and appealing. You also want it to be very user friendly.

There are several things you can do to your existing website that will bring new customers your way. 

For example, blogs can be very beneficial. Businesses that require effective marketing to stay busy are using blogs on their websites. You can put out weekly, monthly, or quarterly blogs that give helpful information. There are also marketing firms that can help you create relevant content for your blogs, website, and more when the budget allows. 

Be sure that people visiting your website can quickly see that you offer the best contractor financing for customers. Apply today to partner with HFS Financial. You will love our contractor resource center, as well as the incredible financing you can offer. Remember that your slow days will not be around forever. These simple (and cheap) marketing tips for the off season can set you up for success. Market yourself well, and be prepared for the positive results. “You Dream It, We Finance It!”

Simple (and Cheap) Marketing Tips for the Off Season

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