Summer Maintenance Tips for New Homeowners

Summer Maintenance Tips for New Homeowners

“Homeowner” is an amazing title to possess. If you have recently checked this item off or your bucket list, congratulations! Your home, although new to you, may not be new itself. Home ownership comes with several new-found responsibilities which might not occur to you at first. There are several things you will want to inspect, clean, or repair on your home during the lazy days of summer. Here are some summer maintenance tips for new homeowners. 

Assess the AC and its Filters Again… and Again

Just before summer arrives is a great time to make sure the AC is running as it should. Before the extreme heat hits, have a professional give your AC a checkup. They will check for routine maintenance items and make sure that you will not be left sweltering later because a fan or motor needs attention now. 

The AC does its most important work during the summer. For this reason, regular assessment of the AC filters is also a must! Be sure to change the filters at least once a month during this heavy usage time. The other seasons still require monitoring the filters, but changing them can be done a little less frequently.  

Work on the Windows While Weather Permits

Windows gradually acquire spots on the inside and out. While the sun is out, take advantage of the nice weather to tackle washing the outsides of all your windows. You can enlist help and have fun splashing each other in the process. Cleaning the insides of the windows can be tackled when a summer storm hits. Looking out clean windows is very satisfying. You will love the result cleaning your windows brings.

Another item to check on the windows is the tightness of their seal. To make your home as energy efficient as possible, you want to eliminate any small cracks that may be releasing your cooled air. Carefully inspect the windows to make sure that the seals are all secure and have no need of repair. 

Have your window seen better days? Dry rot, glass breakage, and other issues call for brand new windows. It’s the perfect project for summer, and HFS Financial can get you the funding you need to get it done right.

Plan a Painting Day for Touch-Up Projects

As you enjoy your new home, you will look at its beautiful features often. This will draw your attention to flaws you might not have noticed right away. One outdoor flaw that can be remedied during the summer is touch-up painting. Look for chipped or cracked areas to beautify.

Maybe the shutters, fence, or deck need a fresh coat of paint. Paint stores can help you match paints to existing colors if needed. If you want to change things up, you can always alter the colors on these items that are fairly easy to paint, too.

Purchase a Pool for a Pleasurable Paradise

These summer maintenance tips for new homeowners will help you break into your new role as a happy homeowner. One final tip that summer brings to mind is purchasing a pool to enjoy for countless summers to come. HFS Financial is here to help you with the process of financing a swimming pool. Your quick, 60-second inquiry will get the process started. Our knowledgeable team is also available to answer any questions at 1-800-254-9560. With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

Summer Maintenance Tips for New Homeowners

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