The Basics of Building a Pole Barn: From Financing to Completion

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Do you feel overwhelmed at the thought of building a pole barn? With the help of HFS Financial, it can be easier than you think. We are here to help you make a plan to get you through the basic steps from financing to completion. Don’t delay any longer, you can have the pole barn of your dreams sooner than you ever thought.

Step 1 of Building a Pole Barn: Check Your Eligibility for a Personal Loan Through HFS Financial

The first step of any process can be the hardest, which in this case, should be encouraging since our first step is so simple! Simply use our rate checker to inquire if you are eligible for a pole barn loan in just 60 seconds with no impact on your credit score.  

The mental hurdle of getting started has now been conquered, and it only took one minute. There is no better way to get started on any project. 

Step 2 of Building a Pole Barn: Design Your Dream Barn

After you have checked to make sure you are eligible for a loan through HFS Financial, you get to the fun part of dreaming and planning. 

Make a list of must-haves for your pole barn and things that would be nice to have. This will help you in the next few steps to narrow down your specific plan.

Step 3 of Building a Pole Barn: Set a Budget

This step should be another quick one in the process. Check out your finances and decide on what you are comfortable with spending. Be sure to leave room for any surprises along the way. This will ensure you have plenty to pay for everything.

Step 4 of Building a Pole Barn: Find a Contractor

Then you can begin asking around about who people like to work with. Friends and family will likely have opinions on anyone they have worked with in the past. You can also ask on local pages to get opinions. Check reviews online as well before settling on a local contractor. Once you have selected your contractor, you can move to the next step.

Step 5 of Building a Pole Barn: Set a Finalized Plan

You are ready to finalize your plan with the contractor. They will likely want to meet and chat with you to create a specific set of plans and make sure your budget can accommodate things.  

Step 6 of Building a Pole Barn: Finalize Financing with HFS 

Now for another easy step! Since you have already reached out to us previously, we will be helping you through each step of the loan process after to make sure we get your financing finalized as well. 

Once everything is complete, your loan money will be sent directly to you so you can pay the contractor and get started on your project.

Step 7 of Building a Pole Barn: Sit Back and Relax While Your Barn Is Constructed  

Next, you are ready to kick back and watch as the contractors and their teams do the hard work for you. You are almost done with the process of building a pole barn.

Step 8 of Building a Pole Barn: ENJOY!

Finally, you have arrived! Now you can enjoy your pole barn for years to come.

We are here to help you through any home loan process you may need, including pole barns. The incredible HFS team is on your side, and you can be on your way to making your home everything you have dreamed of in no time. Reach out to get started today. With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

The Basics of Building a Pole Barn: From Financing to Completion

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