The Best Things to Share on Social Media for Contractors

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Social media is one of the best tools that you can use as a contractor to build and solidify your business. Not only can you find new customers, but you can actually build your credibility, help your followers, and raise brand awareness. In order to do that, there are certain guidelines that you should follow when posting content. That’s why we’re outlining the best things to share on social media for contractors. Below are four key things that every contractor should be posting.

Before and After Photos of Your Projects

If there is one thing that people love seeing, it’s your before and after photos. This will reach people better than almost anything else. These photos will do two main things:

1) show the projects you work on, and

2) prove the extent of what you can do. 

As you post more content about your work and before and after pictures, people will get a better idea of what they can expect when they work with you. Also, they will start to trust your company and your work more than anyone else’s. When you are posting these pictures, people will also start to recognize that their projects or needs look and sound similar to the type of project that you just completed. What this will do is lead them to asking you questions or setting appointments to receive a quote.

Industry Insights

Industry insights are facts or pieces of information that you may be aware of but that others might not know. When posting this type of content, you can do it in the way of facts, information you just learned, or what you found out on your latest job. The best thing about posting industry insights is that it establishes you as an authority on the subject.

For example, say you post about how fiberglass pools or gunite pools are the most preferred pool type for inground pool owners because of their low maintenance or durability. When people see this, they associate you as the person who knows everything about inground pools. This will help build your credibility, which can lead to more jobs.

Your Company and Team

People want to get to know you and your company. That’s why it’s important to post impromptu pictures followed by personal captions. This helps people to feel more like your family and more like they can trust you and your team.

The most common types of content pieces that go with this are introductions to team members. You can post headshots or even candid photos of people on your team and give readers one or two facts about that person that they didn’t know. This will help you and your team to seem more approachable and open to working with others.

Awards and Achievements

Finally, you should post about your awards and achievements. This can include awards your company received, testimonials from past customers, insights about your work, or how you were able to accomplish a certain task. People like hearing about these type of things, and it also builds you up in their mind as an expert and someone they should do business with.

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The Best Things to Share on Social Media for Contractors

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