The Deck and Patio Builder’s Guide to Google Rankings

Guide to google rankings

You’ve landed on the latest info about the deck and pool builder’s guide to Google rankings. Maybe you are new to the world of online marketing and don’t fully understand just how Google rankings work. You’ve come to the right place for clarification. 

HFS Financial has been in the home improvement loan business for close to 60 years. As things change through the years, we work to stay current with the trends. And Google rankings are something that is important to any business’s success for the days in which we live. Let’s jump into the what, why, and how of Google rankings.

What is a Google Ranking Anyway?

First, let’s define a Google ranking. This elusive ranking is the final calculation that Google gives your online content for the attention given to relevant information. Google has a multitude of crawlers constantly scanning hundreds of billions of pages of information to locate key words and mark them for reference in their ranking system. 

For instance, a deck and patio builder’s website will have multiple pages of information regarding their company. This includes pages about the company itself, the services offered, and even blogs that can answer common questions about deck and patio work. And these pages need certain information to catch Google’s attention. SEO (search engine optimization) is used by countless companies to draw in customers and at the same time improve Google rankings.

Why is a Guide to Google Rankings Important for Contractors?

Next, in the deck and patio builder’s guide to Google rankings, let’s look at why this number is important for contractors. Google will put their highest ranked pages first. So if your pages do not have enough keywords that are flagged when the crawlers work, your company might be ten or more names down the page, depending on the words that are typed into the search bar.

During this season, people will be looking for things like “contractors with deck financing options” or “contractors near me with patio financing” very often. And you want your company’s name to rank high with Google so that your contact information is easily accessible. This is why it is crucial to do all that you can to improve your Google rankings.

How Can Deck and Patio Builders Improve Their Google Rankings? 

Finally, the deck and patio builder’s guide to Google rankings would not be complete without the how. Just how does a contractor improve these coveted high marks? To earn a higher ranking, you need your pages to be marked as important for anyone searching the web. 

Dedicate some time to studying all the ins and outs of SEO in order to optimize your online presence in as many ways as possible — from your website to social media and everything in between. Know what keywords need to be used. And then get busy getting your name out there. Better yet, if the budget allows, hire a marketing company to do this work for you. 

And while you’re working to improve your Google rankings and build your company by creating stunning decks and patios, let HFS Financial care for your contractor financing. Anyone can apply for any type of home improvement loan in just 60 seconds. Call us at 1-800-254-9560 to find out more. “You Dream It, We Finance It!”

The Deck and Patio Builder’s Guide to Google Rankings

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