The Consumer’s Guide to Choosing a Swimming Pool

choosing a swimming pool

Here is the very thing you’ve been looking for: “The Consumer’s Guide to Choosing a Swimming Pool.” You’ve been waiting for your dream of having a swimming pool to come true for a long time. Now you’re ready to begin planning your picturesque pool and its surroundings in detail. HFS Financial is a reliable partner for homeowners searching for new pool loans. For years, our company has been helping with this very type of funding. We can help you prepare for all of the things that choosing your perfect pool includes. 

Select Your Spectacular Swimming Pool

First, you need to know how to choose a swimming pool that will be the centerpiece of fun for your backyard. There are a few options to consider as you select the most suitable pool for your home. Here are three common types of pools to learn about as you make this important decision.

Option 1: Concrete

Concrete pools have been a popular choice for several decades. You have the freedom to customize a concrete pool as much as you want to, making it uniquely yours. There are all kinds of ways to beautify the design of a concrete pool too, such as the addition of fountains and steps in just the right places. 

Option 2: Fiberglass

A fiberglass pool is another great option to consider. These durable pools are manufactured off site and come to your house in one piece. The shells of these beauties are made of material that is resistant to the growth of algae, which is a great trait for a pool to have. 

Option 3: Vinyl Liner

Vinyl liner pools are one more recurrent choice on the radar of customers looking for a new pool. This option has the lowest initial costs, which makes it attractive for many people. 

Choose a Color that Coordinates

Next, you need to know about choosing a swimming pool color. There are a variety of hues to incorporate into your design that will help the pool coordinate nicely with your home. Choose a main color — dark or light — and then find accent colors to complement your choice. 

Locate a Pool Builder to Bring Your Dream to Life

Last, you will be choosing the swimming pool builder to bring your dream to life. Talk to your circle of family and friends who have had pools installed to see who they recommend. Research contractors in your area who have an excellent reputation and rave reviews. A pool builder that offers excellent financing with HFS Financial is a strong choice.

Our experienced team is available at 1-800-254-9560 to discuss all of the details of acquiring an inground pool loan through HFS Financial. No matter which type of pool you choose, we are here to help you locate the funds you will need to get the installation completed. 

It only takes 60 brief seconds to inquire about your options for a new pool loan. You now have the consumer’s guide to choosing a swimming pool and the financial company to help make it happen. Contact us today!  “You Dream It, We Finance It!”


The Consumer’s Guide to Choosing a Swimming Pool

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