The Consumer’s Guide to Swimming Pool Renovations

swimming pool renovations

Is your pool in need of some updates? The sun can take a toll on the beauty of a swimming pool. Normal wear and tear can also make renovations a necessity. As you search to find a company to do your pool renovation, there are many things you will be looking for. Knowing how to finance a pool renovation is just the beginning. HFS Financial is here to make that part of your search simple. We also have prepared “The Consumer’s Guide to Swimming Pool Renovations” to help you see what else a pool renovation can include.

Vinyl Pool Revamping

First, let’s talk about what a renovation for a vinyl swimming pool looks like. Some pool owners think that a revamping for their vinyl masterpiece would include only a new liner. Although a fresh liner does definitely brighten and beautify the pool, there are other things a skilled contractor will also check for in the process.

When the old liner is removed, you want a pool builder who will thoroughly check the pool for any issues that need attention before a new liner goes in. They will check the pool’s structure for cracks and possible leaks that could become a problem. The skimmer and steps also need to be inspected to make sure that they are functioning at their best. Then the beautiful new liner can be put in, making certain that it’s firmly attached to its track.  

Fiberglass Pool Refurbishing

Next, let’s look at the fiberglass pool refurbishing process. Some homeowners choose to renovate their fiberglass pool just because they are ready for something visibly different. Cosmetic changes could be things as simple as new colors, new features, or new lights.

Sometimes a fiberglass pool refurbishing becomes a necessity because the original plumbing needs to be updated. When the pump or filter needs to be replaced, a whole overhaul can be exciting too. Keep in mind that a pool renovation means that you want experienced eyes and hands making your pool look better than it ever did. And you want them to check for any foundational or functional issues in the meantime.

Concrete Pool Reconstruction

Last, we don’t want to leave out concrete pool reconstruction. Concrete pools are built with permanence in mind. But this does not mean that you cannot renovate a concrete swimming pool if the need arises. Perhaps you have a concrete pool that is severely outdated — whether in appearance, equipment, or both.

You can have a pool contractor resurface the plaster of the concrete or even update it to something more modern and aesthetically pleasing. Ancient pipes will eventually need to be replaced too. Having the pool renovated and recreating it at the same time is a great way to get a home improvement your whole family will love.

Pool Renovation Loan

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The Consumer’s Guide to Swimming Pool Renovations

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