The Consumer’s Guide to the Swimming Pool Installation Process

Getting a new pool is a homeowner’s dream come true. As you prepare for your very own pool installation, you will want to learn everything you can to help you get ready for the process. HFS Financial has been helping homeowners find the funding their new pools require for close to six decades. Because we’ve been part of innumerable pool building projects, we have prepared “The Consumer’s Guide to the Swimming Pool Installation Process” for your perusal. From the pool installation cost to the prep work you can do, here is what you need to know.

Select a Skilled Contractor 

First, you want to know without a doubt that you are hiring the best contractor possible to build your pool. Be sure to do thorough research of a contractor’s experience, customer service reviews, and careful attention to detail. Technology makes it easy to learn a lot about a contractor’s business in a short amount of time by simply studying their website.

You can also talk to other pool owners in the area to get their opinions of who to hire or not hire to create your stunning pool. As you select a skilled contractor, you also want to locate a company who offers the best contractor financing for customers through HFS Financial. 

Determine the Design and Details of Your Dream Pool

Next, you want to determine the design and details of your dream pool. Talk with the contractor you decide to hire about all of the design ideas you have. This includes the type of pool you want, the shape you love, and the colors you want to incorporate. 

A contractor can help you finalize the pool plans down to the smallest detail. Their experience can be useful in discussing things you might not have even considered to include in your design, like a fountain, a slide, or a tanning ledge. 

Together you will also work to nail down as precise a budget as possible. This will be essential when you get to the final stages of the planning process and apply for your funding. Because the cost of how much to install a pool varies a little with each project, you need your contractor’s knowledge to help you determine the amount your pool build will require.

Prepare for the Pool Contractor’s Arrival

Another important step in the consumer’s guide to the swimming pool installation process is to prepare for the contractor’s arrival. Make sure that the construction crew will have easy access to your backyard. 

This might mean moving part of your fence, making sure that no objects are in the way of heavy equipment, or ensuring that your pets will have a safe place to be when the crew is working. Doing as much prep work as possible before their arrival will just make the building phase of the installation that much easier.

Apply for Your Answers Anytime

Last, just contact HFS Financial to get the process started. Call us at 1-800-254-9560 to discuss your loan options. You can also take just 60 seconds to apply for your new pool loan. We are ready to help you get the pool you deserve. With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It!”


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