The Contractor’s Guide to Getting Paid

Contractor holding wallet

No matter the occupation, pay day is always an anticipated moment. As a contractor, your pay days might look a little different. You have to plan ahead for a consistent scheduling of pay for yourself and for your employees, as well as money for supplies and other necessities. Some seasons are busier than others. You want to prepare for year-round success by being paid promptly and consistently. HFS Financial has been helping contractors with their contractor financing for years. Here’s our contractor’s guide to getting paid.

Prepare invoices intentionally for crucial cash flow.

First, you want to be sure that you have the best method for sending invoices out to all of your customers that still owe on any of your projects. There are many software programs and apps that can make preparing and sending invoices once a month very simple. 

Whether you care for this yourself or have an employee who does your bookkeeping, just remember that regular invoices are crucial for cash flow. Be sure that the due date for the payment is easily understood and that customers have ample time to get their payments in after receiving their invoice. Remember that getting paid is a necessity made possible by prompt payments for your detailed, eye-catching masterpieces.

Provide multiple payment methods for customers’ convenience. 

Another tip from the contractor’s guide to getting paid is to provide multiple payment methods for customers’ convenience. Technology allows people to pay for all kinds of things with just a few clicks of buttons or a quick swipe. 

Don’t miss out on receiving any payments because you are not equipped to accept online payments. Credit cards and debit cards are another common method of payment, which means you want to ensure that you have the equipment that you need to process card payments also if people want to pay in person or over the phone.

Partner with HFS Financial for “cash buyer” customers.

Finally, you want to know that your customers have an excellent financing company to utilize for their home improvement dreams. This is why contractors all across America partner with HFS Financial for the best contractor financing for customers. Our experienced team begins searching for the perfect lending as soon as customers apply. Within a few business days, they have the answers they need.

Our no stage funding ultimately makes your customers cash buyers. They will receive the total amount of their loan directly sent to them. This is great news for you because you already know the funds for the new project are going to be there before the work begins. Contractors love this unique funding model as much as homeowners do. Getting paid is much easier when you are relying on a well-renowned company for your contractor financing.

Anyone can inquire anytime about a home improvement loan in 60 brief seconds. We specialize in home improvement loans for indoor and outdoor modernizing. This is how we help homeowners see their dreams come to life. The HFS Financial team is just a phone call away at 1-800-254-9560. Let us help you solidify a regular pay day plan by helping you provide the best contractor financing for your customers. “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

The Contractor’s Guide to Getting Paid

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