The Door and Window Business’s Guide to Social Media Marketing

An iPad shows all the different social media app that you can use for a kitchen and bath remodeling business.

Social media marketing is one of the most effective tools for a door and window business to reach prospective customers. Door and window business’s social media defines their online reach. Your day is busy enough, and you’re not quite sure how you are going to make time to answer a dozen DMs on your social media pages. However, with an effective strategy, you can build outstanding relationships with prospective customers and the community as a whole.

How Social Media Marketing Helps Your Business Grow

Social media marketing incorporates the use of websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to help people learn about your business, services, and features. You can use it as a way to let the world know about your window and door contractor financing, a special offer you have, or why you are in business. Teach others about your work in the community and show photos of the work you’ve completed recently. Why do this?

First, you’ll have more people coming to your website. Increasing traffic to your website helps to increase leads. In turn, those people coming to your website are your target audience — the people who are most likely to invest in your business’s services. Plus, social media marketing is more cost effective with a better ROI than most other forms of marketing. That means more high-quality leads at a lower cost. If that sounds like a plan, here’s how to get started on building an effective social media marketing strategy for your business. 

Social Media Marketing for Door and Window Business’s Success

To get started, decide if you plan to handle this type of work in-house or if you’ll hire a social media marketing team to help you. In either case, the process typically involves:

  • Creating Social Media Pages: Building your social media presence starts with creating branded, informative pages on the social media sites you’ll target. That typically means Facebook and Instagram as a starting point in the window and door industry.
  • Building Relevant Content: What will you share on your platforms? You can share information about sales or promotions. Create informative blog posts that provide solutions to common problems your customers have. Offer insight into who your company is and what you offer.
  • Getting Visual: The best social media marketing campaigns incorporate photos into them. These should stand out and provide exceptional value. People will see that fabulous new door you just put in or learn how the window installation process happens and want to engage with you.
  • Being Consistent: Typically, posting several times a week can help you to build your brand. These don’t have to be in-depth posts, but they should directly connect with your customers.
  • Engaging: The key to success for door and window businesses is to engage with your customers. Respond to their comments and answer their questions.


While there’s much more that goes into success with social media, you do not have to overwhelm yourself with the process. Hire a team to help you launch your business on these platforms. As you do, you’ll quickly see your business grow with more qualified leads.

Pull Off a Winning Social Media Marketing Campaign

Whether you are ready to promote your contractor financing or you want to build your business’s brand, social media marketing reaches your prospective customers. Be ready to meet their needs. With the availability of door contractor financing and window contractor financing from HFS Financial, you are sure to meet one of your customer’s biggest needs — financing! Be sure your customers have access to the funding they need to get all their home improvement projects underway.

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The Door and Window Business’s Guide to Social Media Marketing

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