The General Contractor Business’s Guide To Professional Email Communications

A general contractor wearing a blue hardhat checks his professional email communication on his tablet.

Email is probably one of the easiest and most useful ways for businesses to communicate directly with their client base. But there are some guidelines you should be aware of in order to maintain professionalism when you choose to communicate via email. Education and practice are key when it comes to maintaining professionalism. Here’s the general contractor business’s guide to professional email communications. 

Business Email 101 

When it comes to professional emails for your general contractor business, there are a couple of different types of business communication. Most of your correspondence with your client base will fall into the category of either direct communication with a singular client or a mass email list of all clients and potential clients. As such, your approach would be different depending on the type of email. Whichever type you’re working on, there are some general guidelines you should follow. 

Professional Email Communication

Subject Line of Your Business Email

When it comes to email construction, you don’t want to leave the subject of your email blank if your goal is a professional correspondence. But you also want to make sure you don’t write too much within the subject line. Think Goldilocks: just right. Make sure you give enough information to give some idea of the email contents. Grab the attention of your reader in the case of those mass email lists, but not so much that the rest of the email becomes pointless. 

With mass email communication for your general contractor business, your goal is usually to bring in more business and encourage your client base to hire you. So, be mindful with your word choice in the subject line and choose something intriguing. With individual correspondence, be brief and direct. 

Professional Email Content 

With the actual message of your business email, you’ll need to remember to be clear. Once again not too long, not too short… Goldilocks is the goal. Just right. Email lists are a great time to use bulleted lists and links to your website for more information. You want to communicate your point quickly. 

You can maintain professionalism largely by just staying on message. Update your clients on any specials or new information regarding your general contractor business, and then encourage them to take action. This leads us to our next point. 

Business Email Call to Action

The call to action is probably the most important part of your professional email correspondence in terms of making gains for your general contractor business. The call to action simply means you tell the reader to do something. 

In the case of individual client correspondence, you’d encourage them to contact you with their materials preference or pay their bill on time. With a mass email communication, you’d encourage them to contact you to book services or a consultation. Either way, the call to action is a great strategy for the professional email. You encourage your reader to take the action which may lead to your next booked contract or at least progress on the job. 

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The General Contractor Business’s Guide To Professional Email Communications

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