The Gutter and Siding Business’ Guide to Google Rankings

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When someone searches “gutter and siding contractors near me,” what is your Google ranking? Is your website “top-three” material? The Google algorithm is complicated, but there are things you can easily do to get it on your side. Stop playing hide and seek with your potential customers and become the master of Google rankings by following these easy tips.

Raise Google Rankings with SEO

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. An SEO expert’s sole job is to improve their company’s Google ranking. Can’t afford to hire an SEO expert? It’s not hard to learn some of the basics and tweak your website accordingly. Before long, you’ll be the expert!

Creepy Crawlers

Google’s digital “crawlers” spend their days combing the world wide web, indexing every website. They use over 200 metrics to determine where each website should rank in search results. An SEO expert knows these metrics and tailors websites to look appetizing to those crawlers. 

Easy Ways to Impact Your Google Ranking

This blog isn’t big enough to talk about all 200 of the factors that go into determining Google’s rankings, but we can tell you the top five easy things you can do.

1. Start a Blog

Adding a blog to your website is a wonderful way to drive traffic to your site. You can write informational blogs about your area of expertise: gutters and siding! Google loves websites that give information that people want. And, trust us, people want more than just your phone number and office hours. 

2. Insert Keywords in Your Content

What keywords define your business? Gutter contractor? Siding installation? Gutter cleaner? You want to be at the top of the rankings when people type these keywords into Google. So, put the phrases in your website title, meta description, blog titles, blog headings, website menu, etc. 

3. More Time on Your Site Improves Your Google Ranking

When website visitors click the “back” button quickly, Google knows they didn’t find the information they wanted. Keep people on your website longer by making quality information easy to find. If the page has a long article, include a “jump to” navigation menu at the top. Use bullet points to break up information and descriptive headings so they can skip the info they don’t need.

4. Add Pictures with Alternate Text

Pretty pictures also encourage people to stay on your site for longer. And remember what we said about keywords earlier? You can add keywords to the “alt text” section of the picture description.

5. Manage Your Online Reviews

A higher average star rating will equate to a higher Google ranking. Learn more about how to manage online reviews by clicking here.

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The Gutter and Siding Business’ Guide to Google Rankings

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