The Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Contractor’s Guide to Offering Financing

money for kitchen and bath remodeling contractors

It’s a quandary that many contractors face on a continual basis. Remodeling contractors can’t get work if people don’t somehow have the money to pay. The way most people get that important work done is to acquire financing. How can a kitchen and bath remodeling contractor connect their customers to financing with the least trouble to themselves? HFS Financial has the answer for you with “The Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Contractor’s Guide to Offering Financing.”

Why a Home Remodeling Contractor Should Partner with Us

No doubt every kitchen and bath remodeling contractor has some customers who are fortunate enough to just pay the cost out of pocket. However, even these folks might rather keep their cash in savings or investments if they could acquire financing in a simple way. You could offer it yourself, but that comes with a lot of extra work for you — not to mention a lot of paperwork. You deal with enough of that on the contractor side. If you can avoid dealing with the financing side, that keeps you doing what you do best: kitchen and bath remodeling. You need a partner you can trust to get the job done right. HFS Financial helps your customers get qualified for loans that fit their needs. All you have to do is direct them our way — right from your own website!

The Remodeling Contractor’s Customer is Our Customer

We’ve been helping people with loans for their home improvement projects for many years. During that time, we’ve cultivated an excellent system that helps people get loans with great rates and terms. Inquiring about a loan won’t have any effect on your customer’s credit. The team at HFS Financial is professional and will be sure to treat your customers well. We’ll keep you updated on the process too.

Let Your Customers Know Up Front: Financing is an Option

You might think your customer has already considered whether they want to finance. But they may not have thought about it at all. It’s really important to let them know right away: you can help them find the right loan through our simple process. It could even be the access to easy financing that compels them to give you the job!

Lots of people prefer to keep cash in the bank by financing important needs, but they just don’t know if they want to go through the hassle of getting approved through a bank or other institution. Especially when stage funding is involved. HFS Financial excels at connecting people with no-stage funding that makes them a cash buyer upfront. Not only is this great for your customers, but it’s also great for you.

Partner with HFS Financial Today

It couldn’t be easier to choose HFS Financial as your financing partner! And the best news? It’s completely free for your business. We take care of your customers by helping them find the financing they need. Our no-stage funding option can get your customer the cash they need upfront. You’ll never have to wait for inspections to clear the next round of funding. 

Along with working directly with the customer to help them qualify for financing, we also keep you updated on progress. We have a Contractor Success Manager standing by for each new project. We also offer marketing materials to help you connect your leads to our services. If you have questions, contact us today at 1-800-254-9560 or use our online form. With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

The Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Contractor’s Guide to Offering Financing

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