The Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Contractors Guide to Social Media Marketing

Door and Window Businesses Use Social Media Marketing

A lively presence on social media marketing is a surefire way to keep yourself in the minds of your loyal customers and to gain new leads. Kitchen and bath remodeling contractors have loyal customers because they do good work. The term “word of mouth” may not accurately depict the way it’s done now, but “text from fingers” accomplishes the same goal, and to a much wider audience. The question is, how do you leverage this modern digital tool to accomplish that classic goal of spreading the word?

Home Remodeling Contractors Should Post a Lot of Pictures

The best way to impress people with the quality of your kitchen and bath remodeling is to post pictures of your work. Before and after pictures will especially highlight the huge difference kitchen and bath remodeling contractors can make in improving the quality of someone’s home. The best thing of all is that you can get your customer to promote you! If they are active on social media, they will likely post a picture of the work you’ve done to show off their new home improvement. Don’t be bashful! Politely request that they like your page and tag you in any post where they show your work.

Remodeling Contractors Should Share Their Stories

It’s so easy to take high-quality pictures now with most modern smartphones, so take as many as you can. Post pictures of your work often. Remember the stories that go with the pictures. The more heart-warming the better. For instance, your tale of a wide-eyed reaction to the finished job from someone’s cute three-year-old caught on video is priceless. Likewise, a quirky anecdote about a nosy cat who became “the supervisor” at a job could be something that people on social media keep up with as the job goes along. These are just examples. You probably have something from the storybook of your on-the-job life that could make the rounds. That’s the way to get heart reactions and keep yourself in the minds of your audience.

Use the Tools the Site Offers to Plan Your Posts

Remodeling contractors are busy remodeling. When can you find the time to post all this stuff? Most social media marketing platforms have a planner you can use to schedule posts ahead. The help section of the site can tutor you on the best way to use these tools. You can sit down and plan a week or more posts ahead of time. You’ll want to do some research on the platform you are using to determine the best times to schedule posts, but generally mealtimes are usually a good bet.

Connect with Your Customers with Social Media Marketing, We’ll Connect Them with Financing

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The Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Contractors Guide to Social Media Marketing

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