The Most Popular Countertop Choices in 2021

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Are you in the market for new countertops for your home sweet home? Fresh countertops are a great way to give your kitchen or bathroom a brand new look. Your home’s value instantly increases as well. You definitely want to research to find the most popular countertop choices in 2021 before you make your final choice for this home improvement. Here are the most popular countertops right now.

Dazzling Quartz

Quartz countertops may never lose their appeal. They are attractive and affordable — two qualities that make them popular. Quartz countertops also look similar to some stone countertops, which makes them sought after. They are incredibly easy to own and maintain, and will be a dazzling focal feature in any room.

Quartz is an airtight material made from ground quartz and plastic resin. These countertops do not stain as easily as some other options, which is one thing you definitely want to keep in mind in your decision making.

Beautiful Butcher Block

The popular butcher block countertop is making an amazing comeback in home style. Just as their name suggests, these trending countertops are like built-in cutting boards. If you have a country kitchen, these countertops would be perfect, but they can also trend to more contemporary design. They do require a coat of mineral oil sometimes to keep a nice appearance, but the look will add richness and warmth that can only come from stunning wood.

Butcher block countertops are often made from maple wood, although walnut, cherry, and oak also make beautiful choices. They are simply strips of wood that are glued together, forming the beautiful slabs that can adorn your kitchen counters. 

Contemporary Concrete

Another popular countertop in 2021 is concrete. If the new look you’re going for is a contemporary bathroom or kitchen, concrete countertops would definitely fit the bill. A variety of finishing options makes concrete countertops stylish but still functional.

Concrete is a great material because of its resistance to scratches. Another fun feature of concrete countertops is that items can be etched into the concrete when the counters are put in. Adding stones or shells can give your updated room a look that is unique and contemporary all in one. 

Solid Stone

One more material that is in demand for 2021 countertops is stone. A countertop cut from a natural stone is built to last. Marble and granite are probably the two most popular stone countertops available for beautifying kitchens or bathrooms

Stone countertops are contemporary and classic all in one. Their appearance is stunning, and they are incredibly durable. Each slab of stone is unique, which means no two rooms are exactly the same. 

The Pleasure of Popular Choices 

Any of these most popular countertop choices in 2021 would make a great choice for your room upgrade. HFS Financial is here to help homeowners like you see their dreams come to life. Today a countertop facelift loan, tomorrow a new pool loan — there are no limits to the dreams you will have.

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The Most Popular Countertop Choices in 2021

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