The Pole Barn and Steel Building Business’s Guide to Professional Email Communications

A man types an email for professional email communication

As a pole barn or steel building business owner, effective communication is crucial to gaining and keeping loyal customers. If you take too long to respond to an email, or send unprofessional emails, all your clients will see are red flags.

At HFS Financial, we do more than provide quick and easy pole barn and steel building financing. We want to provide you with information to help your business grow. So, consider these tips for professional email communication as our gift to you.

Catch Their Eye in the Subject Line

Think about what a customer really wants and include what they want to hear in the subject line briefly. Bonus points if you can do this without using “sales” language, because the email will be less likely to end up in the “spam” folder. Here are some examples:

  • “You could be only X months away from having a new steel building”
  • “With pole barn customization, you’re only limited by your imagination”
  • “Don’t let money get in your way — we’ve got your back with contractor financing”

Make it Personal

Try to avoid mass emails and start the body of your email with the clients’ names. If you’ve already spoken to these potential customers, reference your earlier conversation with them. For example,

Mr. and Mrs. Smith,

            Thank you for your phone call yesterday. I enjoyed hearing about the history of your family ranch. We would be honored to help you expand your business with a new pole barn. We guarantee you will not regret hiring us because…

Get to the Point

We humans are inpatient beings. If we can’t scan an email and understand the point in just a few seconds, the “delete” button starts calling. After a quick personal greeting, dive right into the point you want to make.

Bullet point lists are a nice way to display several concise points and draw the eye gaze to it.

Try to include links to your website so they have easy access to more information. Don’t forget to include your business logo, phone number, and email at the bottom.

Be Professional

Triple check your email for correct grammar and spelling. Don’t use slang or talk about anything controversial. Get a second opinion from a colleague to make sure your message makes sense and is error free.

Part of being professional is responding to emails quickly. Potential customers will be more impressed the faster they see responses to their questions.

Make Contractor Financing Part of Your Sales Pitch

Give your professional email communication and your business a competitive edge by partnering with HFS Financial to offer contractor financing. Since we will help your customers get 100% of their pole barn or steel building loan up front, you can get started on their project faster. We know how to make getting pole barn and steel building loans quick and easy. Direct your customers to our 60-second application or call us at 1-800-254-9560 to learn more. At HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

The Pole Barn and Steel Building Business’s Guide to Professional Email Communications

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