The Swimming Pool Business’s Guide To Social Media Marketing

A woman floats on an inner tube in the middle of a swimming pool which is an excellent photo for a social media marketing campaign.

Social media marketing for contractors can seem like a wasteland of automatically playing videos and random photos posts. But there’s a lot of potential to use social media marketing for the good of your swimming pool business. 

Social media marketing can increase your business and increase your client list. Make sure you know how to best use social media with the swimming pool business’ guide to social media marketing. 

Social Media Marketing: Post Often

When it comes to creating a meaningful social media marketing plan, your first line of action is to post pretty regularly. It’s not absolutely necessary to post every single day of the week, but you should be consistent if you want to gain any sort of following. 

The really convenient thing about most social media platforms is that you can go in and schedule your content to post automatically. This can save you a lot of time and effort while still bringing the benefits of social media and marketing to your swimming pool business. 

It’s also valuable to know that social media platforms use algorithms to determine what content people see. If you get one person to like or engage with your content, then the algorithm will show them more content like yours or more of your content, and that’s what you want. Posting often can help make that a reality. 

Social Media Marketing: Post Timing

The timing of your social media content is also important. You want to make sure you post often, but you also want to make sure that your posts are timed well, both in terms of the time of day and time of year. 

As a swimming pool business, the time of year matters for your content. You should post about swimming during the summer months. And you should post about pool covers in the winter months.

There’s a similar concept applied to the time of day you post. A lot of people browse their social media account around mealtimes, so it makes sense for you to post when more people are more likely to see your posts. Be mindful of the times you post for the best success.

Social Media Marketing: Post Content

Next, you should be mindful and intentional about the content that you post. What you post is the most important aspect of your swimming pool business’s social media and marketing presence. Video content and photo content are more likely to bring in user engagement for your account than just words.

Have fun with your accounts, and your followers will too. The way social media is designed is that the more engagement you have with your followers, the more likely other people will see your page and become followers too. More followers mean more people who see your swimming pool business and more people who might actually become customers. 

Think about the content that can sell pools. Videos of people splashing and swimming and having fun are likely to encourage others to want to do the same. A photo of a beautiful swimming pool can help people imagine themselves with their very own pool. And letting your clients know that you offer swimming pool financing can also encourage people to contact you.

Once you understand the basics of how social media works, the content you post becomes fairly easy. Social media marketing is really just regular marketing on a new platform.  

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The Swimming Pool Business’s Guide To Social Media Marketing

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