The Swimming Pool Business’s Guide To Professional Email Communications

A man types an email for professional email communication

Email has made it so easy to communicate with nearly every other human on the planet. So, how can you harness the power of email without getting lost in all the noise? There are some strategies you can use to make sure you’re communicating effectively and efficiently with your current client base and your potential clients. Here’s the swimming pool business’s guide to professional email communications. 

Types of Business Emails

There are a couple of types of emails you’ll be sending as a pool contractor and swimming pool business. You might be communicating directly with an individual, or you may be sending out more mass communications meant for a mailing list. Either way, you want your email communications to be professional and effective. 

Business Email Construction

Subject Line of the Email

You’ll likely begin with the subject line of your email when you’re writing to the clients of your swimming pool business. With a mailing list, you’ll want your subject line to stop the scrolling of your recipient. Often with mailing lists, your goal is to entice your clients to invest more into their pool or to finally buy the actual pool. Be intentional with your subject line, so you’ll entice your recipient to actually stop and read the email.

If you’re writing to an individual, make sure your subject line conveys the nature of your message. No one likes surprises when they’re corresponding professionally, and certainly no one likes an email with no subject. 

Body of the Email

As with any professional communication, you’ll want to be sure to use clear and concise language. In the body of your email, make sure your information is clearly presented. Avoid writing a novel when a bulleted list will do. You want to convey your information quickly since your audience is likely busy. Your time is valuable and so is theirs. Say what you need to say and move on.

Call To Action in Your Business Email

And when you’ve said what you need to say, give a clear call to action. This means that you give your audience something they need to do. It can be as simple as paying a visit to your website or as big as taking advantage of the biggest sale of the year. Just be sure to let your audience know what their next step needs to be. 

You can even use a call to action in your individual professional emails. Sometimes you’ll want your email recipient to contact you further, or you might just want them to have a great day. Either way, finish well, so that your customers remember your correspondence. 

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The Swimming Pool Business’s Guide To Professional Email Communications

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