The Swimming Pool Business’s Guide to Yelp

A woman in a pool holds her phone by the edge as she leaves a Yelp! review for her swimming pool business.

Word of mouth is still one of the most effective ways to garner favor with your local community. But it looks a lot different in the age of the internet. It can be overwhelming to learn all the ins and outs of Yelp and other review sites. HFS Financial can help with the information you need. Here’s the swimming pool business’s guide to Yelp and other review sites. 

Yelp Basics for Swimming Pool Businesses

The 411 on Yelp is that it’s a website designed to help people gain a quick understanding of what a business is all about. When you type a search like “swimming pool business near me” into your search engine, you’ll likely get some listings for businesses within a couple of miles of your location. One of the websites that will be in your search results is Yelp. They provide a listing and a rating for businesses on their apps and website. 

For swimming pool businesses, you’ll be listed together along with all of your local competition. So, it’s a wise business move to educate yourself on the way Yelp works. Whether you like it or not, your business will be listed directly next to your competition with a numerical score and customer reviews. Take advantage of the free advertisement. Encouraging your clients to give you a review might give your swimming pool business a little boost. Here’s how.

How to Use Yelp as a Swimming Pool Contractor

Your first step as a pool contractor or swimming pool business owner needs to be visiting Yelp (and other review sites like Angi) to see if your business has a profile. Anyone can go to Yelp and leave a review for any business anywhere, so it likely does. You can claim your swimming pool business’s profile on Yelp pretty easily through their website. 

After you claim your business, you can ensure that all of the listed information about your swimming pool business is accurate. You’ll want to add information like your business’s physical address, your hours of operation, and contact information. Add anything that makes it easier for Yelp reviewers to actually check out your business so you can make more sales. 

Finally, make sure that you log in to your Yelp account. When you log in regularly, you will get the most benefit from the review site. You’ll be able to engage with all of the reviews on your profile, and that’s a good way to show future visitors that you’re engaged and care about your customer service. You can also encourage your customers to leave reviews, so that future clients can see that you’re the best swimming pool business in town. 

Yelp or No Yelp

You can really be as active on Yelp as you want to… or not. You can just let your track record speak for itself. But, if you decide to manage your account well, there are also some interesting paid features you can use on Yelp’s website to give you that added boost. 

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The Swimming Pool Business’s Guide to Yelp

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