What If the Home Remodel Goes Over My Loan Amount?

Couple anxious if home remodel goes over their loan amount

Sometimes home renovations go according to plan, but other times a home remodel has a mind of its own. What do you do when your home remodel goes over your loan amount? 

When finances run out mid-project it can cause you unneeded stress, especially if it seems to come out of nowhere. This could seem even more frustrating if it also took a while to get a loan approval through a bank or other means.

Your contractor may as lost as you are, unsure of what steps to take next. If you find yourself in this kind of predicament with a renovation, all is not lost. Here are some things to consider.

Take Stock of the Home Remodel

With your contractor, go over everything that is complete and look at what’s still left to be done. This gives you a good idea of where your priorities lie. If there are any funds left, make suggestions about ways you’d like to wrap up the project with the money remaining. Keep in mind the areas of your home that you use most and what is top priority to you. Sometimes cutting pricier parts of a home remodel can free up money for necessities.

Remember That Usage is a Priority

Home renovations are often, at least in part, done to make a space look more appealing. Homes become dated over time or homeowners just want a change. Either way, if a space is still functional, it doesn’t have to be upgraded immediately. Eliminate non-essential parts of the remodel until the money you need is in hand.

Or, when you want the job done right away, look for the perfect financing option to get the job completed. Long gone are the days in which you had to depend solely on a bank for a home improvement loan. Nowadays, personal loans through HFS Financial offer a wide range of benefits.

Look for Financing Alternatives

If the money is completely gone and there is still essential work to be done, financing options need to be revisited. Thankfully, HFS Financial is an excellent resource to turn to when home improvement projects run over budget. We specialize in connecting you with the home remodel loans that provide the funds necessary to complete the job.

Our home remodel loan steps are hassle-free, with a quick approval process so you can secure financing quickly and easily. And with no stage funding, direct-to-consumer financing, and up to 120% financing, there’s only one place to call for assistance with your fund shortage.

HFS Financial is Here to Help

If you have run out of money on your home improvement project, HFS Financial is here to help. This is why we offer up to 120% financing for consumers — so you don’t run out of home improvement money for your important projects. Through this special financing, you can borrow up to 120% of the estimated cost of the project. This means that if there are any problems that arise, or for any other reason the project goes over budget, there are still funds available for coverage.

This is why we recommend the perfect partnership with HFS. Plus, with ideal financing options through HFS Financial, your contractor will be able to make your renovation dreams a wonderful reality.

Contact us today! Our inquiry takes only a minute and does not affect your credit. You could be living in your beautifully renovated home before you know it. With HFS Financial, “Your Dream It, We Finance It.”

What If the Home Remodel Goes Over My Loan Amount?

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