Throw the Best Back-to-School Party in Your Pool

With summer coming to a close faster than we all wanted, it is time to consider one last back-to-school pool party for everyone to enjoy.

Pulling off the perfect event is easier than you may initially think and can be accomplished quickly and easily with help from the experts at HFS Financial. 

Create a Guest List

The first step in planning a great party is to create a guest list. How many people you are including, whether or not they have dietary restrictions, and their ages will matter greatly in your planning. 

Once you have your list complete and needs considered, set it to the side to continue planning.

Pick a Theme for Your Pool Party

The next step is to choose a theme for your party. The classic summer motif, Hawaiian style, or even back-to-school items are all great options. You can get as creative as you want!

Once you have chosen a theme, you can base your decor and food options around it. For example, if you go with a back-to-school motif, you may look online for giant inflatable school supplies or have some cool pencils, erasers, and notebooks for your party favors. 

Plan for Food and Games

Once you have your theme set and guest list made, you are ready to put together appropriate snacks and games for the guests that will attend your party.

Imagine creating a sunshine shape on a platter for the summer motif using clementines as the rays and pineapple rings as the center. 

You could also plan games based around the theme, like a “get ready for school” relay where the kids form teams and try to beat the other team to school. Have items like giant shoes to put on to run in, really heavy backpacks to drag, and blindfold the kids as they make their pb&j for lunch.

Having extra events like these will add to the fun and excitement. Plus if you plan something on the messier side, the kids can hose off or use that stunning outdoor shower you just added to your space to rinse off before jumping back in the pool.

Make Sure Your Space Is Prepped and Ready

After you have finalized all of your plans, you will want to survey your backyard to ensure everything is in good condition. 

Do you want to have bathrooms accessible for changing and using so that everyone isn’t tracking mess through your house? A new pool house might be just what you need.

Do you need to upgrade or update your pool? Or maybe you don’t have a pool yet and need to start with that first.

Do you have appropriate seating arrangements, a fire pit, and a grill or outdoor kitchen to help prepare the food?

Whatever you are missing, HFS Financial is here to help make it happen.

Find Financing for All Your Pool and Home Improvement Needs

HFS Financial’s experts are standing by to help you find the financing for anything you may need for your home. From landscaping to furniture updates to full-on pool construction, we can help you find the best option.

Take just sixty seconds today to see if you are conditionally approved. Then our experts will reach out to you to help finish the process. 

This year, we want you to have the best back-to-school bash you’ve ever thrown. Don’t wait any longer to start planning. With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It.”



Throw the Best Back-to-School Party in Your Pool

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