Tips for Adding on a Mother-in-Law Suite

Mother-In-Law Suite

As families grow and evolve, a mother-in-law suite is often a necessary addition for when your parents begin to age. This can be a great way to provide them with the support and care they need while also allowing them to stay close to loved ones. 

However, accommodating another person or couple in your home can be challenging — particularly if space is limited. HFS Financial can help you make the most of your home by facilitating financing for the mother-in-law suite your home needs.

Start By Setting a Budget for Your Mother-in-Law Suite

Adding on a mother-in-law suite can be a significant investment, so it’s important to establish a budget before you begin. You’ll need to factor in the cost of permits, materials, labor, and any necessary upgrades to your existing home. 

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Consider Your Loved Ones’ Needs

Before you begin designing your mother-in-law suite, take some time to think about your loved one’s specific needs. For example, do they require a wheelchair-accessible bathroom? Do they have any mobility issues that require a ground-level bedroom? Will they need a kitchenette or a separate living area? 

By considering these factors early on, you can ensure that your addition meets their needs and makes them feel comfortable and welcome.

Think About Zoning and Permitting Requirements for Your Mother-in-Law Suite

Adding on to your home typically requires permits and approval from your local authorities. Make sure you check your local zoning laws to determine what you’re allowed to build and what restrictions may apply. 

You may also need to obtain approval from your homeowners’ association or other regulatory bodies.

A quick Google search should produce most of the needed information. A quality contractor can help you navigate these issues as well.

Choose a Mother-in-Law Suite Design That Complements Your Existing Home

When designing your mother-in-law suite, it’s important to choose a style and layout that complements your existing home. This will help ensure that the addition blends seamlessly with your current structure and doesn’t look like an afterthought. 

Consider working with a designer or architect to create a cohesive look that enhances your home’s overall aesthetic. 

Optimize Storage Space in Your Mother-in-Law Suite

When you’re building an addition, it’s important to think about storage space from the get-go. This is particularly important in a mother-in-law suite, where your loved one may have their own belongings to store. Consider adding built-in shelves or cabinetry to maximize storage space without sacrificing square footage.

Choose Durable, Low-Maintenance Materials for Your Mother-in-Law Suite

When selecting materials for your mother-in-law suite, it’s important to choose options that are durable and low maintenance. 

This is especially true if your loved one has mobility issues or other health concerns that may make it difficult to maintain the space. Consider options like vinyl plank flooring, easy-to-clean countertops, and durable, low-maintenance siding.

Consider Privacy and Security

Depending on your loved one’s needs, they may require a separate entrance or additional security measures like handrails or grab bars. Be sure to work with a contractor who has experience designing accessible and secure spaces to ensure that your mother-in-law suite meets all of your loved ones’ needs.

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Tips for Adding on a Mother-in-Law Suite

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